The funny old world of obsolete and not broken

also in beige

also in beige

Bananas has a very old crt computer monitor on a zoo server.  I was thinking of upgrading to a flat screen for it when an upgrade made it useful again (my blog).  So the philips crt from 1999  had a stay of execution being 100% usable than a 50% usable device as a thing as last resort.

Its not that ancient and is energy star compliant at some level and can be turned off as well and since it came from the last century the thing is very robust if although its a beige in colour and might need a clean..

flatscreenThat brings me to a flat screen monitor and unfortunately that is now failing.  Things you assume wont fail do, and stuff you would mind too much keeps going.

Its an odd situation and says something.


Bonus bash thoughts but no change on my view,

I was scanned run against apache with.

cat access_log |grep “{ :;};”

Grep from here [not this blog] The scan looks like – – [25/Sep/2014:10:59:54 +0100] “GET /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi HTTP/1.0″ 403 543 “-” “() { :;}; /bin/ping -c 1″

My view is the same, as

  1. ping is userland not an special tool
  2. defaultwebpage.cgi would need to be created and i dont have one
  3. its a 403 code so you need a user to make the file, change its permissions to the apache group …
  4. is a rackspace ‘cloud’ server
  5. is netherlands based
  6. “admin” commands like ifdown* still need privileges here


Its interesting to see but needs work.

* old so ip would be ‘modern’

The bash zero day – not that dangerous imho

Bash is not a comic superhero, but a shell that even apple users have.  It runs on Linux like systems and i use one every day being an linux ape.


Now i have patched our servers but i disagree that its horridly dangerous.  This screenshot is from debian testing and you will see that i am unpatched on one box thus i am a ‘target’  Firstly i don’t get that many people who can actually login* [seen with this] and secondly once in can i do a system admin type thing.

I adjusted the one line vector and was asked for a password.

Sure if your an idiot it might be a horrid hole** but as mine asked me to validate i see little damage.  Some seem to forget that monitoring tools do exist.

* that was 2005 ** binaries and user cron

Sally is back and here to help you iphone 6 users

Sally (this blog) who is an expert mental health professional and a brainy ape here in the zoo is now able to help you if your an apple use.  If you have questions comment and i will show her them.

Meanwhile here are a few questions from zoo guests so far.

q: I dropped my phone and it does not now work

a: You might have disease/condition like parkinsons

q: Can i charge my iphone 6 in the microwave

a: I believe that works

q: i am overweight and cannot outrun a mugger  should i get an iphone

a: We need trendy muggers after all there is more to life than nike trainers (here) .



q: am i uncool for not having an apple product ?

a: Well ask a mugger, and remember that as long as it works as telephone nobody actually gives a shit.

q: it got bent, is my iphone trying to make me gay

a: probably, seek a catholic priest (here) to check your sexuality and be happy with the assault and result.

If your question has not been answered don’t be shy comment!.  Sally has helped many iphone users.

Wagging the dog, and the msm

Saudi Arabia - Not pro womens rights

Saudi Arabia – Not pro womens rights

That might be also known to you as American Hero by Larry Beinhart* and is a tale of a politician inventing fake news.  While some in the news media have a fair and balanced policy (my blog). The news can be nuanced (my blog) and while propaganda is part of the news it shows a problem.  Curated news where they wont show something runs a risk of making the fiction true for if 24 hour news coverage is unable to even name, yet alone show that x really is a news story then the news outlets cant exactly be doing there job.

idiocracy fox news in the year 2505

fox news in the year 2505

Now if the msm wont report it because it might be upsetting how i am supposed to know that it is true rather than propaganda for either side.  After all if Tony Blair had a dodgy dossier (my blog) then the lie might be corrected in ten years time.  It at all


the usual suspect

the usual suspect

If the world cannot be reported by the mainstream media for fear of upsetting people then don’t we need better journalists or broadcasters who can or perhaps the reports should be delayed by ten years.

Point made.


* not seen or read

Lost at sea,Jon Ronson

1798223cisbn: 9781447223917 is a book i had not read by this author (my blog), and so I was able to pick this up at a library without spending money* (my blog). Mr Ronson deals with different people, or the people who decide who is different there is a hope and failure to be found here.  Should you have never heard of him a film was made from one of his books which i have not seen.

Anyhow madness can be found everywhere even in tv show contestants and it is an interesting look at the cult like brainwashing [page 8]. established churches, competitive eaters, and people like phoenix jones who dress up and ‘fight’ crime although mad might be a wrong label in that case.

The book varies but so do its subjects there is some good investigative journalism here with examining Rebecca Coriam who went missing on a disney cruise ship, and the case of Richard Cullen which is the  only case i where the subprime loam industry (my blog) was given a grilling before the crash.

5/5 bananas.

If you clicked on the test link i provided then most of deemed special is classed as an mental illness by the mental health doctors in some form or other * rare

I hate phpfpm debuging

Sisyphus is still a role model

Sisyphus is still a role model

Is a real pain in the arse – imagine a simple .php file with

<?php system('/usr/games/fortune');?>

Now in php this will execute and a witty comment will be displayed in my terminal* , however in phpfpm the fun begins

PHP: syntax error, unexpected ‘(‘ in file on line 1

I test the config  file and then all sort of config issues come up

php5-fpm -y/etc/php5/fpm/php.ini -ct1.php

10:31:32] ERROR: [/etc/php5/fpm/php.ini:199] unknown entry ‘engine’
10:32:19] ERROR: [/etc/php5/fpm/php.ini:214] unknown entry ‘short_open_
10:32:59] ERROR: [/etc/php5/fpm/php.ini:218] unknown entry ‘asp_tags’
10:33:42] ERROR: [/etc/php5/fpm/php.ini:222] unknown entry ‘precision

The more i comment out or turn off the more issues appear.

I then read that unless phpfpm does not have file permissions it will not read files.

I think if simple php is thought ‘bad’ then my exploration of php with nginx (my blog) is at an end. or its time to get a better language.

Later i revisit and think i need php-cgi which requires thinking on about its security.  Most of our php worked but when simple command does not i am glad i put the look at nginx on hold.  Either i am doing it wrong, or there be issues with phpfpm that need a deeper understanding.

* yes i could just run fortune, but this is for a web page.

Womens toilets in Scotland


Inspection time for the toilets

Scotland has just had a vote to decide if they want to be independent.

Being an exiled Rwandan ape in London zoo my views on the subject where deemed not important and that’s ok.  But this democracy thing is something everyone can criticise.  Regardless of what happens scotland gets a better deal and all ‘english’ parties want to give them more money that they don’t have.  Even before toxic banks (my blog).  I wonder how many libraries will close in the ‘south’ to fund them as money is only spent once.


Hadrian from Rome view of the scottish

I really have not been following the debate or the logic that may be mired in this (my blog)  but an independent scotland should mean benefits for all and even those of us behind what remains of Hadrain’s* wall.

The end of British Summer time (bst) is a good idea or worth a discussion on.


also scottish

Devolution has been am interesting experience and probably has kept the labour party in power with the minority it has with ideas much as no prescription fees**, and in education until the nationalist’s took them over.

So i wish the scots all the best, and firmly point the blame with Gordon Brown*** and Tony Blair. (my blog) .So i cannot fault the scottish after all if Blair started it and Brown had to keep bribing them why not look after there national interest ?

So if you voted labour [red] then part of the blame lies with you, not me.

Overall i see some benefits from not having scotland. that makes it worth it after all with separate law, bank scotland always was separate..

At least female visitors to scotland wont be queuing for the toilet.

* an ancient roman bloke ** behind that wall in the ‘south’ money is needed *** also scotish