Nginx from the beginning, but still a no go

Sisyphus is still a role model

Sisyphus is still a role model

Bananas uses apache* as an web server. Howeever apache2 is getting a bit old (my blog) even with the newish gnutls and nginx would appear to do most of what i need in the zoo.  In ‘planning; the only thing i cannot seem to do easily is dnsbl denies a requester for being marked as powned box  – although i see a modules that deny ip, a reverse dns module and lunix-ish script execution appear missing although mod security has a thing for that.

So i think its worth a go replacing apache2 with something newer. I decide to do it and find nginx fast with html .  cgi and php is another matter.  I will start wth phpinfo  which changes a lot – you lose http headers, apache environment, and run an fpm server which is init,d start-able,  A gotcha that caused me a day** or so entertainment was the /etc/init.d/fcgiwrap process nobody seems to mention that this has to cranked on and off and that was cgi-bin ‘fixed’ although nobody seems to telll you that is required – argh so that was good and cgi.pathinfo is best at the default rather than 0.  That is another thing. changing permissions to 0666 is also a another tutorial wrong out there in search land.

the nginx config is interesting but i am making newbie errors , anything outside of the root needs app permisions and allow statements however stuff called from index.html loads from other directories even though if say you tray and access /thisfolder  nginx wont let you.  Its VERY FAST just with html

cgi works and so does php as .php,  Some htmnl php ia a complete no go take this

<abbr title="random stuff from the fortune program">Fortune quote</abbr><cite><!-- [CDATA[ -->
$f = new Fortune;
echo $f->quoteFromDir("/usr/share/games/fortunes/");
<!-- ]]--> </cite>

Having explored the search envirfonment [security extenions does not cut it] and other things mean although most of code on apache exec‘s (my blog) in nginx doing trivial stuff stuff sucks.  I will remain faithful to apache and keep nginx as an future option – in search terms i’d love a handler for php in html.

I can see why nginx might deem looking elsewhere outside to the html root as dangerous and unless there is a really stupid way of doing an exec like this that also did not work then i am patient to wait being i have an a- .score with apache2 on quays

cat /php/t1.php

That concludes my look at ngix 1.2.1-2.2+wheezy2 on debian 7

* from version 1 **  by day i mean turning off apache and running nginx with x solutions so i know that i am not getting an apache request and i then turn off nginx and restart apache within five minutes *** not a database app

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage, Haruki Murkami

lost_touristisbn: 9780846558337 is an author i read both fiction (my blog) and non fiction (my blog).  Anyhow with up and down numbers* on the isbn number and the american spelling of colour** does the book impress ?

It follows five friends who reject one and give no reason.  Fowarrd sixteen years and the reason is finally spoken of.

I binge read this in one pass one evening, despite the odd trademark Hariki Murkami was here things from other books i have to say this works and although light on superstition this works well as dialogue between the humans then and now.

5/5 bananas

* like 19  ** sometimes it gets changed.

smaller on the outside, bbc and its genre problem



The bbc is a thing i just do not get and i honesty do not watch bbc channels as either i am reading which is something i do a lot of, or the bbc is closing bbc three, (my blog),  Having no desire to be groped by jimmy (my blog) so somewhere us monkeys and the bbc lost contact.  However on occasion there is a gem worth watching. Although praise is something thought bad of – if i like it then generally nobody else does.

Being ‘recent’ today is new dr who day and why that might be good it also includes a lot of fuck ups and a new one of those has to be the cinema release at the same time as the series is also done on tv although time zones factor here its cheap use of cinemas would seem to indicate that while the bbc can when it wants to make tv without pubs and soap operas.

Maybe as monkeys we see through the propaganda and cheap tv that supposedly is good enough recently that has apparently been enactments of world war 1 which with 16 million dead proves humans are dumb, some of that coverage seemed very unquestioning of the why and how and lets leave the thinking there.

Perhaps genre is too good for the bbc hence the cinema release of a tv series.  Which is odd thinking when most cinema is simply superheroes in its current form says something.  Can the Scottish be an alien and for how long will also be a question in the current climate


are-you-serious-wtf-meme-baby-faceSo  dmarc works (my blog), and i got a mail reporting the below spammer but why is google bouncing it back to us who we did not send the email when they should be using the dmarc reporting address for the domain.

They appear to have stopped but even google has off days.

Feb 1x xx:xx:xx host postfix/smtp[xxxx]: xxxx: to=<>, 
relay=ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM[]:25, delay=94, delays=0.23/0.02/89/4.9, dsn=5.7.1, 
status=bounced (host ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM[] said: 
550-5.7.1 Unauthenticated email from domain.something is not accepted due to 550-5.7.1 
domain's DMARC policy. Please contact administrator of domain.something. 550-5.7.1 
domain if this was a legitimate mail. 
Please visit 550-5.7.1 to learn about DMARC 550 5.7.1 initiative.
 wp2si1235526wjc.153- gsmtp (in reply to end of DATA command))

I still like dmarc and recommend it (my blog), Despite google’s weird bounce handling from the original ip [Tawian]

Alpha puke

pukeeBananas was watching one of those documentaries about special forces and this was about there selection, however being selected does not mean they would become it and is a little like a university course with a only quarter passing.

There was a lot of discomfort and sick while the numbers where whittled down over a couple of weeks while doing bonkers things that might seem logical at the end of world war three.  It was interesting if unfocused for all the technology at an armies disposal it comes down to brute force.

postapocMind you having an army is no means of guaranteeing a state, if reports are true then Iraqs loss of two brigades to a couple of hundred civilians means either Iraq as an nation state is a us invention, and that probably Paul Bremmer (my blog) can possibly get the blame for siding with one tribe (my blog) over the other.

It [the program] sort of reminded my of post apocalypse by Phil Elliott



The little coffee shop of Kabul, Deborah Rodriguez

isbn: 9780751550405 is the second part to this (my blog). It is should be avoided for being totally unlike the first book and ‘writery’/poetic or in other words i will say fifiteen words to say something like this is shit.  One might say Rodriguez went native.  I aborted in single figures

I maintain my view that the firs book will be refereed to, this either moves towards a very repressed idea of women’s society and perhaps proves that the effort was a waste of time again (my blog).