Ruling the void, the hollowing of western democracy, Peter Mair

inthefleshisbn: 9781844673247 is heavily laboured book trying to make a point about the concepts of democracy in an age where being a technocrat (my blog) is way more fun.

In the dim and distant past guys like this (the subject not the author,my blog) made a point while you may celebrate the stance the many implemenations of his policy perhaps leave much to be desired but point to facts such as one person doing something probably will not change the world (my blog),

That means super states (my blog) and central banks where the difference and offerings of the national political parties is like trying to find a needle in a large haystack. So the state is designed by the politics but the politics does not actually matter (my blog).

1/5 bananas a bit boring.

Postscreen with amavis after a month

postiepatBananas likes postfix which is a email server. Postscreen (my blog) tests mail before postfix does stuff and checks for bad syntax, misdirection by hosts and other stuff which postfix would also reject on wrongness further on down the process.

postscreen reports

postfix/postscreen[x]: warning: getpeername: Transport endpoint is not connected — dropping this connection

Amavis (my blog) can also reject mail, but has three categories spam, bad headers and virruses which can be defined as what happens to them.

I have not had any bad headers with postscreen since i started running it.  So its recommended.

Upselling fail

No drm on the old tv sets

No drm on the old tv sets

Bananas likes some Japanese anime and i can point you to outstanding series like (this) (that) and (something else) – you get the idea, The place i get it from also does streaming to other devices like tv’s.

However It took me an upgrade of poe (my blog) to get our out of date tv receiver (my blog) to get an ip lease.

While the idea is good its not going to happen unless the monkey house buys a new tv set with hdmi and some other stuff, and that is not likely (my blog)

Top bananas in the falklands books on Afghanistan

I have done a fair bit of reading and some of that has been on current events so i will recap on the best on them.

vote rigger Karzai (remember Bssh?)

vote rigger Karzai (remember Bssh?)

In the beginning there was a first invasion (feb my blog), then in 1979 Russia thought it worth a go (my blog) of which the civil service cc’ed a copy of the documents from the first link to the Russians.  Bin Laden (my blog) happened to like what was going on and after America won and then left Afghanistan after all apparently deposing two dictators for the price of one is a deal.

I came and conquered, and then left it

I came and conquered, and then left it

This Welsh book (also censored at cost to the public)  is worth a read and while you might be now placing a bet on how long Hamid Karazi remains in Afghanistan without his American friends to assist him in buying Dubai.

Suppression of the media has been made easier (my blog) can be seen here.  While the press under both Murdoch and the bbc seek not to report what is going on.

So as the last troops leave it will be interesting to see what happens next or who is next to ‘civilise’ it.  One might argue that war already has been lost (my blog)

A question of eugenics,scotland and sport

Bananass hates sport but when I do rant about sport it is usually highly entertaining (my blog) as i expose the corrupt world of sport, and its nazi past,

jowalkerHere was something new (bbc) i had not considered about sport how ethnic you where to be considered for a spot.  Jo Walker is a person who despite being born in the right was not considered scottish enough that was until a Russian changed that view,  A quote is order.

Despite lots of trials, I kept missing the cut for the national squad of 30 girls.

My big break didn’t come until 1989, when I was already considered old [my blog and context] at 18! Russian coach Iriner Viner was appointed the GB coach and she cut the squad from 30 to 10. I made it onto the team.

Yet when I tried to compete for Scotland at the 1990 Commonwealth Games, I wasn’t accepted due to the fact that I didn’t live in Scotland.

The more i briefly look at sport the more it is appears that it not a nice place even here (my blog).  All those quotes can be found in the bbc link.

Without a summer, Mary Robinette Kowal

mr darcy required

mr darcy required

isbn: 9781472110176 is the third book i have read [book2] [book1] and so you might assume that i find something in these.

They are a remix of ‘classic’ literature and extra stuff.  – ‘substance’ is a word and despite a +100 year typo on the back page assumes the middle of world war 1 but works predictably well.   Light by my standards but fun.

3/5 bananas


How to be safe and fashionable for Scottish sport

Commonwealth Games - Team Scotland Kitting Out - University of StirlingBananas hates sport,, and has previously advised you how to dress for the cinema (my blog) and how to avoid smelly rude and stupid sports fans (my blog) and survive a terrorist attack or friendly fire which may entail you losing a limb, hearing and other disability.

Sport* and Scotland do not really go together being home to the deep fried mars bar (my blog) so we rang a zoo in scotland and contacted some monkeys and got you some tips on how to to safe because we apes do that sort of thing for you humans,

Men apparently have to wear skirts, so somebody just did not get the memo that you have to a right thing that nazis do (my blog) to run a sporting body. Anyhow apparently you will not require a bunker** as apparently the skirt stops terrorism with nuclear weapons.  See even i learned something about traditional dress.

The apes in Scotland advised us that should should pack

  • forget suntan lotion with an nbc suit

    forget suntan lotion with an nbc suit

    The nbc suit (prevents rain damage as well as chemical war adverse issues) and  dont forget that gas mask sprty people are smelly





  • more protection from g4s

    more protection from g4s

    A helmet – keep your brain in one piece





  • earmuffear muffs [if you understand local scottish this will save your ears.



  • riotgeara bullet proof vest just case.





And that will make you a very fashionable person keeping you dry too.

Ask in comments for our special fashion service.

* Vegetables are hard to buy too ** g4s [with Scottish politician on its board] are doing the security so your taking a risk

The bees, Laline Paull

beeisbn: 9780007557721 is a thought provoking book with questions like do bees have religion ? or other human like concepts of social control.

The book has a bit of my fair lady ((my blog) angle to explore this world with human concepts.  I could imagine this as a snobby British film with the redgraves* in

3/5 bananas.

* a family of ‘actors’.  No other actors actually exist