Book series and the copyright problem

In this (not my blog) shows a future problem for publishers and one i have hit as quite a few of the books i like have sequels.  Iain M Banks has this problem so reading his s/f series from scratch is not going to happen.

Copyright is meant to make authors rewarded.  However if one cannot buy/lend the specific series titles (Banks started in the 1980’s)  then how is this making his estate rich ? being deceased.

This problem and focus on sequels shows that copyright has lost the plot and publishers would rather not pay authors,

The week that the sasl bots came to visit the zoo

stupidrobotBananas notices things with this (my blog) and a week of fun stated with people trying to brute force smtp auth.

With email something is always ‘up’, dmarc was the week before [all rejected] so i began to log them and start counting. The more attempts to higher probability of being null routed (my blog)

Eventually By friday most of the attempts where down and so on saturday I with the ban hammer cleared up the rest. I know who they are and the ban is forever, and automatic on restart.  It is nice not to have to spend a couple of hours each day simply on dealing with compromised computers.

Sport and the murderer

OscarPistoriusOscar Pistorius is a murderer and his friends at Nike (my blog) called it  a long time ago with an advert that you can see.

Anyhow with the trial ends to determine his fate with a conservative culpable homicide , I suppose the Olympic  gold medal in murdering is next for him after all nazis love a good murder. (my blog)

Anyhow he certainly did ‘do it’ but appropriately without the air stab shoes (my blog) so thats a new sports as well knife fighting, and shooting live targets.

It is an interesting case and Shrien Dewani (my blog) is next.

router kaboom time

One of the zoo’s routers died, that means cave dwellers no nothing for some so an afternoon of fun ensued while us apes put something in its place and stuck the cables into it a job not one of the monkey houses favourites for having to test everything as well.

So being an older router [once replaced as well] with ddwrt the question became what to replace it with as the stand in is ancient in comparison and I do like having the standby when events like this happen.

I opt for a older linksys router despite Cisco  Belkin despite getting a bit evil with cloud stuff* and privacy issues finding that it will do the job and other newer stuff of there’s has not exhibited the same issues and I cant justify gigabyte stuff from Buffalo which i thought looked nice.

It was interesting to see what is new in the world of networking – i see the beginnings of ipv6 in things rather than on linux servers, the odd fibre modem which appears to contradict my isp’s view that we could upgrade to fibre and not buy new routers.

N is still big in the wifi arena and dsl modem routers are cheaper than routers whom do less.  Go figure.  When it arrived a switch on the power cord [some eu idea] makes some sense and the areils feel like user idea as some stuff does not come with them even though the sticks come with everything else.

loading ddwrt was its usual fun and some funny issues with refresh causing a few moments of panic.which needed a press of the reset button things returned to there usual ddwrt self and the configuring could continue.

Eventually we apes remove the replacement and plug the thing in again and hours pass,however once done things do feel better..  Its not a job that i would want to do too often.

Full marks to the ddwrt community, however native ipv6 still seems a very long way off

* the us government apparently owns this see the megaupload debacle.

with liberty and justice for some, how law is used to destroy equality, and protect the powerful, Glen Greenwald.

nixonisbn: 9781250013835 is an author who i have read here (my blog), and might ring a few bells.  So i had another. and this mouthful of a title was available.

Nixon is the first example where power to lie and commit crimes got a free pass, Iran Contra made it ok to lie to the us congress* and Scooter Libby another case where a free pass was demanded  by the faithful republicans who believe in law and order but not for these people.

Immunity also a gift and that is why phone company happily pass over all your data to these governmental types. Joe Nacchio a boss of one who did not was sent to prison.  retroactive immunity is also an added bonus here.  With a link to Snowden and Booz Allen his employer and boss Admiral Michael Mccconnell got rich from both industry and the government he both served and got them to pay for his employ,   Snowden is a criminal, but it is ok for Michael Mccconnell to be above the law.

4/5 bananas worth a hunt for.

* something the nsa does

‘Ends soon’

Have you played the overpriced ink game?

I got an email from our ink supplier with a promotion in February [delay what delay?] March follows as it always does and soon after another email with that ending soon pops in.  I do need some ink* but i have issues with ink sensors, and suicide ink cartridges.

I delay until last minute – very low means getting low and so i delayed purchasing new ink that i can not buy in the high street unless it is a special order, even thaat famous american cash and carry place does not have it,

I had to buy ‘real’ ink and despite some really shoddy work by hp i’d certainly buy refilled if they ever get offered.  Lets just say that genuine ink and its identification sucks and does not do somebodies reputation at HP any good. So im dumping HP ink for a second attempt with non hp cartridges again.

By preventing me from keeping stock (it is a lightly used device) and the quality of the originals means once you force a certain way of thinking do not expect those profits at a firm you might have shares in to improve.

Perhaps the most ironic thing about the promotion was that hp made a device and an os and then they mothballed it (Apotheker), a device from another fruit supplier (whom you all know) was offered on this promotion.

Geniuses must work at hp i think.

Ironically the colour ink i needed kept going like a trooper despite being non existent and off the scale then the black ink plays up although registering as 25% but does not print.

Life …

a ‘so long’ to the bbc iplayer

No drm on the old tv sets

No drm on the old tv sets

Time ahem ‘flies’, however the iplayer from the bbc lost the radio section first and was unannounced, and soon in september the tv bit goes in the older version on this (my blog), that i eventually connected.  So i try and update the set top box in question  and eventually with the right fat* format and firmware i get a reset box.  The message still appears that this feature will be turned off.  Although the power saver feature in nice,

Not that it was used much. The thing still works so it is not ewaste yet.  These consumer set top boxes and software really are a bad example of the throw away society.  I am sure the zoo will not be the only ones without this feature.

* not fat but microsoft fat

The last reef,Gareth Powell

isbn: 97809553188177 is a collection of short stories of which one* was extended into a book that won a gong. It was unavailable from my library system, this was and after a three month delay sitting on a shelf it arrived.    It looks unlikely that i will read a book.  However the short stories seem strong.

4/5 bananas so much for prizes,

The publisher is a bit last century with an order form for many titles nd tease with the words SOLD OUT.  Oh well.

* i cant remember which one it was after three months


Validated by number, not url

hellotmobileSo with that disagreement between Bezo’s (my blog) and the publishing still unresolved and also note the same with films.  Plus as it is going to affect other publishers sooner than later too i feel vindicated yet again with the use of isbn numbers and other references rather than a link to amazon who do not want to sell (my blog) that item.

Sure bloging about blogi’s is boring but at least my blog is functional and proves that this ereader thingy might be dealt a serous hit as that book i linked to you cannot buy, and i am sure many other books i have read mean owning a kindle means it is by no means either a cheaper way to buy books or keep up to date.

Since the zoo is not a big amazon client, and as i use a library it may not be that convient but then promoting one store over another might lead to the situation amazon find themselves in.

At least i can say i never made it that way.