Problems at HP

I quote:


Carly Fiorina, the chairman and chief executive of Hewlett-Packard, has resigned.

Ms Fiorina, said she was leaving after a dispute with the company’s board over future strategy. The company has struggled to remain profitable since Ms Fiorina pushed through a controversial merger with rival Compaq in 2002.

Investors cheered Ms Fiorina’s exit, HP’s shares rising 10%. They stayed sharply higher all day, closing up nearly 7%.

Your getting desparate when you want to ‘region code’ (think dvd) ink cartridges. Now I like HP printers until I heard this on Slashdot – making me think twice about that next printer brand we buy.

I do not think that any corporation should supply everything – pc’s/servers/printers and ‘services’. Real competition means more than one supplier in the market. This is why HP ‘fail’ and why I won’t buy HP servers, or pc’s. If as an ‘IT manager/CIO’ you think you cannot integrate another brand of ‘things’ into an HP network then your very very stupid.

If Carly thinks reducing chioce and sacking staff is the way to go one might accuse her of being a supporter of the failed concept of the ‘state run’ businesses. ‘You can only buy what we decide you can buy’. No thanks.

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