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An artist who publishes her work only the web (no record companies) has won a Grammy which I understand is an american music industry award (they also awarded Ray Charles who is deceased a complete warehouse of steel) – Thats recognition for you thanks for dying we can make more money now….

Its good to see that ‘legacy’ industry is not important as once was. From my basic understanding record companies are loan sharks to new acts.

You may like U2, but it appears to me there is only one U2 act. Bono might claim he’s not in it for the money but U2 is a money making machine what they say and if they stop making money they would be be dumped very quickly.

Lets talk hardware: In last weeks sunday newspaper the ‘driving’ section it announced the death of the cd player in the car and yes you going to get mugged again for an mp3 player. Sweet.

My car stereo is a cassette player — so to play my cd’s (* see later) – I have to tape them.

I like my music – but nobody else seems to buy it. Love to own this – cannot seem to buy it here, Do I have to go to america to buy it? I would add that in the past I had to go to Europe to buy Suzanne Vega albums because the retards in the record company did think that they would release it in England until a year later.

So I’ve bought her albums in the Netherlands, and Germany – so I would not use record sales figures to plan tours. There clever these record companies arent they.

Talking of ancient history: Dad has a 78 (vinyl – those black round things) with a 1920 recording of a classical movement – he bought it in the 1960’s So one can assume that it is way out of copyright, and most of the 1920 performers are dead and burried. Why should a record company continue to suck money from this title ?

If you said ‘new talent’ what new talent ? Pop Idol ? is that talent ? Lets be ‘very hip’ and lets talk dance music – I’ve never been able to find a mp3 track i liked – I imagine these remixers fall out side of the record industry too.

Being nice one christmas I converted his Vinyl albums to cd including this 78. Looks like I will be ripping them on to mp3 for the car sooner rather than later

So here is the question: how many times are you going to buy the same recording ?

Notice that the link items here are the composers own record labels – not big labels.

The music industry really only appears to want the mega bands – which means it not a voice for all musicians (if you think boy bands can sing?).

I’m beginning to think why do we need record companies ? they don’t serve me, and it would appear that they suit a very ‘select’ type of musician.

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