Never trust HP tech support (ipaq stories)

My ipaq owning friend called me again yesterday. – He spent 15 minutes on the phone with HP and doing what they suggested he then ‘lost’ 100′ contacts from his ipaq address manager (somethng to do with select all). – Yes guess who fixed it ? why me naturally.

For those of you in the know, it uses Microoft outlook, and replicates badly (IBM’s Domino product is best for replication) to the IPAQ. Since I don’t use Microsoft crap ourselves (I’m talking about Outlook, not Domino) the ‘Waste bin’ saved the day.

That trained HP Ipaq expert certainly creates work. And did not ‘help’

Apparently it been reported “Naomi Campbell (a model) ‘beat assistant with PDA'”
So thats what you ‘HAVE’ * to do with a blackbury which is similiar product. **

* If your a drug addict, and fashionable.
** have 100’s of ‘Patent’ problems, this issue coming soon to Europe.