Feeling safe from who?

Those wacky American ‘republicans’ are at it again. They apparently want more powers under the patriot act. Now since that act and others considers me a terrorist (being ‘foreign’) and as we don’t have biometric passports here (?who does?).

Another issue for ‘visiting foreigners’ is that one hears horrible stories about all those new legions of government employees and failed wannabe policeman (aka Chief Wiggum types from the Simpsons) to boot who have been employed and have ended up ‘defending’ American airports. – So America wants me to buy a visa, and receive abuse from these people.

No thank you America – My visit to america and that conference I go to can wait

Terror Alert Level Those of you with a ‘terror’ warning on your blog/or thing you will have noticed its constantly on ‘yellow’ or ‘Bert’ the muppet. I have no desire to kill Americans – and yes you also might have read recently that the US inteligence agencies don’t have a clue, and even paid Bin Ladin for his services before he went ‘rogue’. That is why I removed it from the side of the blog.

Those of you wishing to feel ‘safe’ on holiday – might take heed of a recent holdiay report – it named Mongolia, Greenland , and North Korea featured as ‘safe’- America it seems wants to go to war with North Korea.
I suggest you all stop ‘quaking in your boots’ and visit http://www.individual-i.com/. Just to remind yourselves on what you are going to loose.