‘Grannies’,Ferrari owners and Trade Unions.

Lets start with the ‘sexy’ so why cannot Ferrari drivers reverse there cars quickly out of a parking spot I mean its meant to go fast is it not?, and why did the retard driving this Ferrari insist on braking as the owner went over the small drain relief channel.

Oh look Grandads bought himself a Ferrari.

‘Granny’ is the term used by the present Labour government to talk distainfully about shareholders in the rail industry that was privatised, and has since been returned to a ‘form’ of public ownership – its not something I bought as a share – sixty years of near zero investment meant it was and still is a mess. So the people whom bought there own property, or where given shares if they worked in it lost there investment (money)

Saturday means that I am close to the Trades Union Building (the TUC) and that normally means somebody is demonstrating against something or other, and good for them.

Today it was the Rail unions bringing some pubilicity about the sorry state of the railways Now the left wing government (That’s Tony Blair) does not like unions, it also seems he does not like shareholders either

Being fairly civilised we accept the idea of unions as a concept. it would be nice if the developing world, China (or any socialist state – they do not like unions), and McDonalds did. I may not like all there views but you got to respect them for joining the cause on their spare time.