Bits and Bobs.

Cant stand the places – but we are good at mrsa here My mother is the first person to visit anybody when there ‘off’ (not me). People sigh.

Football (english soccer)
Is not something I follow, anyhow there was last week a game between two national teams. It was not televised on ‘cheap tv’, I have yet to hear who won (or care). Beware the dangers of selling your sports tv rights to the highest bidder. – I did not care to start with so ‘national’ game ? Not to me, probably only for people with satelite television.

Reading the Instructions
Burnt a cd recently. They say it stores ‘700mb’ of storage. – I just got 800 mb uncompressed on a disk. Do not read the instructions is todays lesson from the university of life.

Moving along to shoes. I have a very old pair of back leather shoes – (not ballet shoes but the kind that knives bounce off in a kitchen or a place with engineering kit so you dont end up with a knife in foot).

Well the sides are going inside and they also need new heels and soles, plus the bottoms needed super gluing as well. In short they have had it. So its time to chuck a pair shoes away sob. But i have spare shoelaces now (quite hard to buy replacements for some odd reason.) – hooray !

One pound Karma
Due to an english pound coin being rejected I forgot to collect it from the returned/rejected/bad money slot when trying to buy an London underground ticket some time ago – the sort of thing that hits you after so realise your ‘short.’ So yesterday, I got a pound back and the goods (?free?), Karma it seems has been returned from the vending machine god.