Institutional crap food, and bad pr.

‘Finally’ I all hear you scream. English prisons serve better food than schools do (price per meal), and this state of affairs took a chef and a tv program to notice and retify via public anger earlier in the year, those who changed from crap food to healthy food report good things.

Those schools whom still serve ‘mystery turkey thing’ in a fun shape (thats crap food) report uptake of school dinners down, and blame said chef and tv for there ‘problems’.

I do not buy ready made meals, the nearest i get to buying ‘ready prepared food’ is garlic bread (messy to to prepare) and a packet of frozen pommes frites. Everything else is prepared by my own hand. School food has always been crap (i never ate mine), I cannot speak personally of prison food – but by judging the reoffending rate it must be ok, otherwise it would not be so popular place to go once you have been once.

What gets me is the assumption that ‘school diners are good’ or ‘must be good’. Bit like the Nanny state knows best. OK not everybody eats as well as I do. But the ‘good’ in food comes from it being fresh, of some quality and not reheated 35 times (burnt toast is like..)

Take a ‘bad’ example, and find some good:

  • A good hamburger probably wont kill you**, (**lots of them might with nothing else)
  • A hamburger with a high perentage of fat and grease will definety certainly help you on the way

When more contract managers and the catering firms get this message the better. It does not have to be organic or any of those fads, but food that tastes good and is not ‘half an hour’ past its best by the time you get it to eat it.

If your english: this will ring true “School dinner ladies cannot cook” is a statement of undeniable fact. If your ‘foriegn’ you now know why the english eat badly.