Why Google should ban god blogs

OK you know the things, these people probably go to church five times a day, and then just to prove there in with ‘god’, so they create a god blog about there ‘loss of faith’ without a crowd of likewise minded people in the same room (the lemming effect?).

Now god bloggers are it seems not very tech savy (if you can call blogger.com’s control panel ‘techy’, or hard to use), so they leave comments on, and don’t turn on the spam verification tools. So the link spammer tells god blogger he/she should do online dating/enlarge there penis/meet a bored housewife etc etc.

Those activities are probably sinfull, and probably means ‘god gets pissed off’ with them so that means its yet another blog post, and six visits to church to repair the damage with ‘god’

Meanwhile us ‘ungodly’ folk have to put up with the games of the seo’s v google. Crap results you sure got them comrade.

Here endeth the lession. So if your a god blogger keep it in church, dont tell us that your really a non-believer, and keep google less full of crap ketword sites. Thank you.

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