Battlestar Galactica in review.

Pleasure … apparently in episode 2 (Valley of Darkness), there is Philip Glasses music in it according to reports. My that’s taste. A series of class and as I have been drafting this blog entry for months, apparently there is break now and things get going again in January so now is a good time to release this post, and prove to all of you who search for “Battlestar” blog posts it that it is an interest and not just made up ‘interest’.

The pickup from where season one left off is great. The ‘Morals’ will be biting as it continues. The abilty to reuse a character without having to resort to time travel is a clever writing tool. What you have to admire is that this series deals with the hard questions in a very intelligent manner.

The last episode so far explores some interesting areas, I’m hooked and I will give you an example as the perception of ‘six’ in Balters head, compared with a copy of her human host was a great device separating intelligence from flesh.

I will write about Battlestar Galactica in more detail in January, I’m not going to speculate on what might happen but I think this just became a must have dvd when it gets released.

Season 2 episodes so far
Pegasus … (break)
Pheonix rising
Final Cut
Home p1 & p2
The Farm
Valley of Darkness

Its strange to think that a second go at the concept can be way way better than the first attempt in the 1970’s. But it is, I recommend that you start with the mini series, then do season 1 (2004), and then start season 2.

Compelling tv for me.. If you have no idea what I’m going about have a look at this video clip on Google. Converted yet ?

update: Season 2.11 – 2.20 reviews can be found here.

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