The First Casualty – Ben Elton

Called The First Casualty (amazon link) or isbn: 0593051114.

I do like Ben Eltons books – well most of them, and this is a modern take on world war one, and so is more real than say some of the the more numbingly older patriotic tales of johny english fighting freddy the ‘hun’ – and it seems more believable – some great thoughts on poets too.

Not at all like Blackadder – or the last series of it. Any author who can take say ‘reality tv’, and make fun of it while doing a story at the same is deserving of a read. Some of his books do work better than others but I keep reserving his boooks as they get realised so he must be doing something right.

Need I say more ?

2 responses

  1. I recommend Sebastian Faulkes’ Birdsong. This is no patriotic First World War yarn. It’s real, grisly, and has one of the most erotic sex scenes I’ve ever read.

    FYI I have Ben Elton’s High Society, which I’ve yet to read.

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