What is ‘art’ ? and some god bashing.

I visited the British Museum yesterday (something new to see every couple of months) – an interesting exhibit was Middle East Now link It was interesting but the art in the spotlight was very religious, and if anything could be said it was the religous message was much stronger than the art. Commentary on a lot of items is:

'Based on x, the words are meaningless'

The most revealing part of the exhibit was the western based arabs where much more open and innovative. If art is purely deemed to be art becuase it has a 'praise be' message then the Arab culture of innovation – maths, whatever will be soon extinghished by the Burkha mentallity currently in vogue.

While the sponsors would like to preach a message of tolerance it was interesting to note female images had a tranparent covering where male images did not.

There was a philiphino reading a book "what would you do if jesus turned up at your breakfast table" on the tube, Strange bunch them.
First question would be: Would you have enough food, the next question is would the police consider you a terrorist, or nutball for habouring such a person who should be handled within a established church structure – for just think of the hericy you might hear.

The Davinci Code nutcases have there own conspiracy theories. I conclude that Ruth Kelly (of opus dei link to my blog) would have him shot being a danger.

So if you want to meet Philiphinos for breakfast, you know what to do.

Dangerous thing this Breakfast, turn up at the wrong house and it all goes wrong.

2 responses

  1. I don’t think it surprising that, as non-secular societies, the art is primarily religious. A lot of secular art is political.

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