soul saving – aol uk users from evil talk talk

Yes Bananas in the Falklands knows some humans who have aol broadband, and with aol uk now being owned by the evil Charles Dunston the tribe has to offer this soon to be victim an escape route, otherwise all hell shall no doubt break loose.

Aol was ok for some people, I repeat again AOL WAS OK FOR SOME USERS, (also note past tense usage) but if take a look at this blog, one can draw conclusions that:

  1. free broadband don’t work
  2. talk talks support (if it existed) is err crap
  3. expect sackings at talk talk broadband, aol are pro’s in comparison

I’d post a comment on the ‘hell’ blog but i doubt my comments would be tolerated by whomever now runs this hygienic site.

I’m not client of talk talk, or aol, I have like waiter a monkey karma that says do nothing bad. I imagine my human colleague will hours of fun getting a migration code from aol.

AOL really will get a bad reputation now. Well thats one way to fix Talk Talk buy something else and the problem is solved.

14 responses

  1. good luck cancelling if you sign up.

    my contract period expired months ago, and after dozens of calls to talktalk – and letters to them from my MP – i’m still being threatened with bailiffs. I no longer belive that this is poor service, i believe it is intentionally shady business practices designed to get them money where they aren’t owed any. Faced with bailiffs, who wouldn’t pay up, right or wrong?

    Ultimately I will probably give in, I don’t want to be faced with bailiffs, but I will post letters on any forum on the internet detailing my bad experiences. And if i ever meet Charles Dunston I won’t be resposible for my actions.

  2. Dont give in!! Get in touch with ofcom and make a complaint against them!!! They then can get upto a fine of upto 20% of there yearly takings

  3. Hi

    Sorry to go off topic. Yes talk talk absolutely suck – everyone knows that.

    To all out there – I am an AOL customer. I have been for the 9 and a half years.

    Many people have criticised AOL because of their silly GUI and dialup software. Fair enough but it has been many years now where you dont need to use their software to get online.

    I am a HEAVY internet user and I have not ONE SINGLE bad word to say about AOL. They have been flawless ever since the dial-up days. At university in manchester me and my friends got tiscali in our flat as it was cheaper. The worst possible thing ever(next to talk talk). Took 1 month to get connected and come 6pm – 11pm the connection is virtually non existant becauses there are terms and conditions in the unlimited use policy.

    Listen up all.. As far as “ADSL providers” (that excludes cable internet companies like ntl/telewest/sky etc) AOL are NUMBER ONE. They charge more yes, but you get the quality you pay for. I have used countless ADSL providers through friends and colleagues and none compre to AOL’s bandwidth and quality of connection – not to mention outstanding support (relative to others).

    This merger with Talk Talk is simply horrible. I do hope nothing changes for AOL customers, but if it does I fear the end of reliable “UNLIMITED” broadband.

    I am not being paid or asked to say this. I just want to express my great satisfaction with AOL and let others out there know that if you are experiencing difficulties with your provider.. pay a little extra and get the problem sorted – AOL. I do however have doubts about what the future of AOL UK is going to be like following the talk talk merger. .. but for know what to do.

  4. It may interest some readers of this post to know that AOL UK will continue to operate as a stand-alone company, and CPW’s purchase of AL UK is largely to acquire their provisioning team to aid problems in the talktalk area of the business.

  5. Clarke – it would appear that the soon Charlie Dunstone closes down aol uk the better things will be for he, if your an employee of aol uk and not in the provisioning team – you might want to think about finding another job.

  6. Waste of Space TalkTalk!

    4 Days- can send (so far) but cant receive email except sometime during the night! Collegues have resorted to old technology (fax)!

    Spent 11/2 hours on phone with Tech Services (19th). At first swore blind was my anti- virus etc. although his own ‘tools’ were down and he couldnt access my account direct apparently?
    With his instructions tested all ports etc and hes stumped– then his ‘tools’ come back and he tries to access my account on the server- but hey it rejects- and rejects- then hes in…….but cant see emails!!!!!!!! Well Done- new answer- it must be a very, very large email/ or corrupt email thats ‘blocking’ the account…very original! Wants to finish shift- can only recommend I leave a couple of hours and try to access via http:talktalk and delete all ‘bad’ emails myself!!! Up to me to get phone charge @ 10p min back- £13.00 Absolute BS of course- some come down during night, but off again now.

    Can these complaints be forwarded to OFTEL or something- a 10 Downing Street petition maybe- desperate now as going to have to alter sleep pattern otherwise!

    If you have a choice- dont choose TalkTalk!

  7. totaly agree with all the negative input about Talk Talk, took me 5 months and a complaint to Oftel to get them to give me a mac no, and despite them “agreeing” to close my account they still ripped me off. also i was threatened with bailiffs if i did not pay, i refused and was prepared to take them to court when they finally admitted i did not owe them anything. not happy about the aol connection to such a shabby, unprincipled company.

  8. The worse customer services I have ever come across. My partner and I came home from Spain in late December last year to find we had no phone or broadband. I spent hours in phone boxes – in December! Getting passed from one unhelpful fool to another, all I ever heard was obfuscation, evasion and downright lies. I got really fed up with being put on hold forever, passed onto another extension that was never answered and then lied to, so after a week of this I dumped them. When I did that they very quickly contacted me, and told me they could give me a “Timeframe” to get me reconnected. So I told them to shove off.
    Then to cap it all in June I received a “Final Demand”, it wasn’t a lot but it was the principle of the thing. I rang them to be greeted by another idiot who insisted I was making calls at the time I was receiving no service at all. I told him I hadn’t had an invoice and that he should send me one. He told me to call another number, I said no you organise it as you are the one who is asking me for money then I hung up.
    A week or so later I had a letter from debt collection agency, I wrote back and pointed out that I hadn’t had an invoice even though I had asked for one so shove off. Anyway, I wrote to TalkTalk a couple of times, had a letter from another debt collection agency. I kept aking for an invoice as that is my legal right and nobody can ask you for money without one!
    They kept leaving messages on my answering machine even though I had told them that I would only deal with this matter in print, so I had it all written down if it went to court. Eventually, I had a letter from TalkTalk saying they had wiped out any debt I owed them.
    I know they couldn’t send me the invoice as they didn’y have one. Their back office operations must be in as bad a state as their customer services.

  9. Ok hears my story…. I signed up to aol 2 years ago and the service was great untill talk talk took over. I then recieved a letter on the 21/1/2007 stating aol was getting took over by talk talk and if you would like to terminate your contract please contact aol support on the 20/1/2007. I rang them up demanding i did not recieve the email ontime and that i would like my contract terminated. they said to me i have already agreed to the contract renewel in writing comfermation. well oviously i never signed anything. ok then i said ok can i have my aol upgraded to 8meg for 12 month contract they ofcourse said yes. I got my free router and started recieving 8meg it was great for about 2 weeks. then for the past 8months i have been recieving 100kbps. so ofcourse i rang them they told me that the problem was one of there servers and that i should start recieving my connection again soon. but before i put the phone down i asked them how long is my contract left. they said you signed for a new 24 month contract on the 31/6/07 well i was angree and told them that i was on a 12 month contract from the 19/01/07 and that i will not be paying for my contract after 19/01/08.

    so all i can say to all aol members is ring them up and make sure they have not renewed your contract to a 2 year min contract without your consent.

    and for thoughs thinking of going with a broadband company stay away from aol uk. trust me its more bother then its werth. dont be pulled in with there curse of a free laptop my friend works for aol and the laptops are bought in for £59 so again trust me if you really want a laptop go and buy one atleast then your not stuck in a crappy 2 year contract with 40gig limits.

  10. please if anyone can help i am having problem with talktalk as well,
    they are refusing to close my account,give my number back,no internet service for 8 months,at present i am being charged 38POUNDS for phonecalls i have not made,i have disconnected talktalk internet using ntlservices at present any reply would be helpful thank u

  11. I love how you people lay into talktalk.. remember aol’s nickname? AOHELL!

    Broadband supplier setup is in most part pure LUCK that they get you connected correctly and on time. You find in most instances that it is an extremely complex process and you must realize that it is human beings that are operating these companies therefor mistakes get made.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if someone further down in this blog says “hey, go to bt! i moved to them and they are great!”

    Put a search in to google for BT Hell and broadband nightmares or something to that effect and you will find just as many people complaining about any provider.

    People need to come to terms with the fact that broadband in itself has exploded and is still VERY young in the UK and at its current rate or progress and EXTREME competition there is a lot of room for error.

    now… everyone chill out, have a smoke.. and if you are seriously wanting to cancel your provider or move somewhere else, its nothing a 10-15minute phone cal to the relevent department cannot handle. Calm down and speak clearly and politely. I understand you people are frustrated but honestly giving the minimum wage telephone support guy an earbashing REALLY isnt the answer. You’ll find they are a lot more responsive when you talk to them like a human being rather than a dog… don’t forget they are in a call center or maybe up to 1000 people… YOU have to call back and stay on hold again if they press the HANG UP because you were being rude.

    the key is calm my friends. =)

  12. Sick of It, i agree with you but this not an advert for any isp offering broadband but a parable that one failed isp means another is brought down by Charles Dunestone.

    My friend has now escaped aol after problems with Vista and the aol software and not the connection (although that was a times iffy) and i might blog about it being we are enjoying Januarys blog posts.

    My non technical friend expects a level of service, as a fee paying client and who is no idiot or rude wants a technical person reading a script deciding ‘what is rude’.

  13. Hi…
    I have add nothing but trouble since signing up to talk talk and am in the process of finding out my rights before terminating my contract. They are a disgrace ! The last 3 times now I have paid my bill…somehow the payments have gone walk abouts leading to my line being restricted (very frustrating) I have had the fone out down on me… spoken to like crap.. even laugh at ! I cant take anymore from them. Then on these occasions I have had to fax over my reciept from the bank after witing 2-3 weeks each time incase the payment turned up, only as soon as they recieved the reciept they accepted id paid and put my line back on !!! Theres is nothing telling them on the receipt anything different that i told them… nor does it tell them any kind of tracking info or a hidden place where the money is hinding so what makes me laugh is all the sudden they tracked the money !!!!! …yeah right… ! They shady buisness ! Please if anyone has any suggestions on terminated my contract with talktalk please let me no… I want to do it the right way instead of juming in feet first x

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