man and woman priestly klingons required

Oh god, jesus fucking christ it happened – yes oh dear another of my predictions came true, in the bbc4 celebration of science fiction with actual fans (29 dec 22.00) we had the same old tired faces trot there stuff out featuring (voice over starts ‘space the fan, where no fan has gone before’ start music ta da ta de  do dum…) staring

  • mr cyborg from reading university,england (robotic arm)
  • his wife (?mrs cyborg?) – very internet russian bride ?
  • that british telecome future-logist

With special guest stars

  • lady methodist preacher and part time klingon (seen down the bar) with fancy dress friends.
  • welsh preist who thinks luke skywalker was jesus.  (real video link)
  • man with the star trek flat interor (seen hoovering it)

While I cannot argue that science fiction does do ethics very well the fact that the hommage from the fans had to resort of priestly lady klingons and men hovering flat made the ‘my science fiction life’ hommage highly on the your got to be taking the piss take scale of things

Surprisngly there where some normal people in all this (for a few seconds) but WHY MUST TV PRODUCERS FIND THE MORONS who will perfom like pratts to show there love?

Oh well praise be for sterotype fans what would tv be without them?

why crime authors suck

In 2006 i saw the children of men as a film, i then reserved the book by the crime author pd james – months later i can reveal that the film was better than the book ok why ?

  1. its set in inspector morse country
  2. theres no red car
  3. can you spell oxford university

p.d. james cant write without resorting to oxford dons, or copying 1984.  Bit like Agatha then producing untalented shite.  I hope she p d james sticks to crime fiction as its readers do seem rather vacant.

The film deals with a better premise.

Support your long way away Gunfighter.

In this (bbc)

Major General Richard Shirreff The head of British forces in southern Iraq has called for national support for soldiers serving in the country.

He has that however i am not the persons who lied to me and you about wmd in Iraq, and yes while Saddam wasnt good for some and the merits of deposing kings does leave some ethics issues, and a new islamic state.

Major General Richard Shirreff told the BBC that issues such as underfunding must be addressed in order to maintain the quality of his force’s work.

Major go have a chat with Gordon Brown as he likes to give away money, i am not allowed to make that decision – I didn’t ask them to do this they did.

He said: “The nation needs to support these men. The nation needs to support its Army.”

If Tony and Gordon wont listen to me and others who demonstated about the strange war logic and the fact that America got more out of Iraq then the English did commercially then perhaps you should not be asking us to support your troops but asking Tony and Gordon for a better slice of the pie.

The instution of the army, or the people whom serve it I have no problem with its the logic of the deployment.

Year end review:

JerrySome hilights –

best tv series: Battlestar Galactica (series 2) s3 judgement awaits.
moron of 2006: Jerry Taylor, City Manager of Tuttle,Oklahoma (suit)
best film: good night and good luck
Non fiction book of note: Freakonomics

Ebay crook of 2006Crook of 2006: Amir Massoud Tofangsazan (naked boy)
Bitch of the Year (Ron @ Novell) – but should Ron join Darl ?
Congrats to Clinton for this
Biography: The lost Orwell
Best Booker prize list book: MJ Hyland carry me down. review

Peter fuck me now Weaselboy MacreaLong term entertainer of the year: Peter Francis Macrae (mentally and also sexually abused i hope – send him condoms) Thats the fame lifestyle.

Finally the ‘Told you so’ moment of 2006: PTSB

Plenty of other strange stuff from London zoo’s monkey zone can be found here where the archives can browsed at your leisure and at your own schedule should you be inclined to. More strangeness here next year. Let me (Bananas in the Falkland) be there for you predict things and you too.

A happy new year to all.

Care in the Community

With a serial murderer (thats Tom Stephens) released into the loving care of his community. I declare:

  1. the police have the wrong murderer
  2. he is still a pervert since he is a rupert murdoch myspace member

Then again who wants to live forever ?*. After all he did it according to the media and who needs a judge and jury when a reporter can solve crime ?

We dont need police, judges, or legal persons do we. Hell thats begining to sound like Tony Blairs views on civil liberties.

Rounding on those media persons – I still level the charge that knowing the guilty persons name (not always reported in muslim bomber cases) until declared guilty by twelve people is a bad state of affairs and since i assume they don’t have a myspace site they thus cannot be guilty for only myspace users murder more than one person in a few days until they get caught.

* (tag this post under gallows humour)

Monkey presents

monkey suit for humansWe got the zoo keeper a monkey costume for christmas, but what do you buy the monkey with everything? the professor (zoo keepers boos thought the costume was ‘inspired’, but he had no idea what to get other monkeys – he was going to ask the tv crew)

This struck me as funny as an ideal present.

Bananas observations of humans shopping – (that rabbit is still on the loose)

Other monkeys aside, i too am hard to find things for – so it looks like fruit in gift baskets again – (ribbons!) so must not grumble. There’s also the monkey generation gap. Since I read that’s books off the the list too. Bananas noticed this book (amazon link) which is unread by us but i’ve since reserved that from the library and if you don’t like him then your a retard – I can recommend this (amazon link) thats main stream non s/f and good, the short stories (s/f) of ‘foster your dead’ and ‘nanny’ which Ive inserted references to in blog entries before and plenty of other stuff to read from him.

Anyhow in true Terry Prachett homage here’s a big ook to fruit in a basket after-all just think what the roll has done for sausage* and the hamburger.

* credit to CMOT (Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler wiki link)