Only a gun loving actor, and not moses

ookCharlton Heston has been many things – an annoyance to the gorillas* in planet of the apes (imdb: tt0063442), and did the many god films where he was once moses (film wiki), but quite how that translates into president of the national rifle association of america i dont know but if god wishes gun massacre’s then why not.after all the excuse

God said i should, and I like Charlton Heston too.

Seems a perfectly reason answer to why anybody should want to murder a whole bunch of people after the act.

For example:

On October 18, 2004, Arthur Shelton, a self described Christian and Eagle Scout, murdered his friend and roommate, Larry Hooper, because Hooper didn’t believe in God.

The trial began with the taped phone call Arthur Shelton placed to the Taylor police department in Taylor, Michigan, October 18, 2004, at precisely 12:44 AM. Shelton sounded calm and pridefull when he told the dispatcher he had just shot “the devil himself” with a revolver and a shotgun because “he (Hooper) didn’t believe in God.” Shelton told the dispatcher he was “still armed and ready to shoot again in case he moves. I want to make sure he’s gone.” When the dispatcher asked how many times he shot the victim Shelton replied, “hopefully enough.”

Dead enough was an understatement. When the police arrived they were confronted with the grizzly scene of Hooper sitting upright on the couch with his head blown away and his brain laying on his hand. The autopsy report presented by the prosecutor was gruesome to be sure, but, for the record, Larry Hooper tested negative for all narcotics and alcohol.

On the second day of the trial the court played the videotape of the late night interrogation with Arthur Shelton. He appeared calm, cooperative and enjoyed the cookies and milk he was served. Once again Arthur was obsessed about talking about God and the Eagle Scouts. He stated he “was not sorry for a second that he killed Hooper.” He stated, “In the eyes of the law I was wrong and will probably spend the rest of my life in prison, but in the eyes of God I have killed an evil person — the devil himself.” And when Arthur took the witness stand in his own defense he reiterated much of the same ideas.

Shelton sat facing the audience and blew kisses to his tearful and sometimes sobbing family. … Judge pronounced sentencing — 25 to 45 years. Shelton was stunned and tried to negotiate the sentence stating, “I’m 50 years old and that is as good as a life sentence.” Judge Bill responded, “Mr. Shelton you gave Larry Hooper a life sentence by committing one of the most heinous murders to come before my court.”

When leaving the courtroom the ‘Christian’ Shelton family lay in wait for us in the hallway. Their tears dried, they surrounded us shouting these comments: “The one good thing of all of this is that another Atheist is dead and the world is better off for it” and “The only good Atheist is a dead Atheist.”

See what i mean ? Anyhow since Charles says one of the deadly isnt a sin so Micheal Moore had a good poke at Charlie, and to add insult to injury Charles recently failed to reenact the Moses trick of apparently parting the red sea recently***. In this (bbc)

Actor Charlton Heston has been sued by his neighbours, who claimed that his neglience in maintaining a hill led to their home being damaged by a mudslide. Jerome and Flora Heilweil said debris flooded their house in Los Angeles after a spell of heavy rain, and blamed a “slope failure” on Heston’s property.

But Heston’s solicitor claimed the 83-year-old actor could not be held responsible for the storm.

So it appears god has forsaken Charles. and that we also now know that Charles is not Moses.**


* guess who bananas supported ? ** consistency would have been nice. *** did it before, and got those 10 commandments too, which now only nine appear to apply

6 responses

  1. I had to smile when I read on that site, ‘A shocking story of gun confiscation in America’. It seems to me, it’s like paedophiles protesting at being forced to live in an area without children. How dare they! They just don’t seem to ‘get’ how the majority feel about these things. My own feeling is: people, even the best of them, are frequently stupid, and guns are potentially dangerous. It’s a no-brainer.

    And as a prime example of people who are stupid and shouldn’t be allowed within a 1000 miles of guns, you give us the twat who shot his roomie because he didn’t believe in God. But we have to be careful that we too don’t act stupid in the light of this and deem it typical of all Believers. It just aint so. If you feel you have to ‘bash’ the bible-thumpers, you’ll have to use other means.

    I love your Heston/Mud slide/Moses/God obseration. It made me laugh.

    I envy Charlton though. I see he gets to kiss the monkey!

  2. Bananas thought the mud slide was highly amusing, I bet moses didnt have that problem. Anyhow Charlie set himself up for that.

    There are many idiots – i picked Arthur Shelton since I was going to do a god bashing post but the nra link and being moses (10 commandments) I felt compeled to combine the genuis of eagle scouter Arthur in the post.

    I bet Arthur likes Charlton Heston too.

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