The value of dvd = £0.00

Once upon a time Bananas rented some dvd’s and using her illegal dvd player (no patent license fee for the region code encrypt) and caught up with some films that where missed In two months Bananas caught up and came to conclusion that dvds where not worth buying, the older the material means its the same quality as video so why bother with dvd ? With the newer stuff like the battlestar cuts, i felt that they niether added much either.

So that was renting them, Bananas then did it again a year later but gave up when the rental firm could not satisfy what they claimed they had but it appears did not.

This firm was apparently taken over, and not that theres been much to view in new films recently that i’d bother to see (read steal,buy or cinema view) so my need for such things is not there or very limited.

Just before Christmas, a mail order dvd rental firm has offered me 40.00 value (three months worth of dvd rental) for nothing. The only problem is that while i’d like to see Team America and those old films i missed theres very little new i want to see (hence 0.00) and i’ve broken the software on my dvd drive which i could fix but I can’t be bothered to

I’ve tagged this under library – quite how a library can justify a £3.00 charge for a dvd when firm x is ofering me them for free just shows that while it be worthwhile for some dvd’s to be lent I see no point in them lending crap hollywood blockbusters*.

While it may get people in the Library door i see little point my library is a book place not a dvd shop*, i dont see that sort of person bothering with books since i can get dvd’s free i dont the chavs and chavettes using the library to hire dvd which costs more than say the dvd supplier.

So while yes i could go and dvd a dvd drive and easily rent dvds for free instead of fixing my dvdplayer what might i rent ?

Having recently found my film list – two films. I’m not sure i’m going to bother.

* roll on xmen 6005