facist catholic spin doctoring ahoy

In this (bbc) Nick explains the ‘I prefer the pope over the queen’ argument of Tony Blair (think church v state) in adoption and gays doing its bit as newsworthyness at the presnet time.

The government either has a ban on anti-gay discrimination or it does not.

While Tony might ‘believe’ in human rights, he also loves id cards – fancy a genocide anybody ? in england soon ? and it seems he now hates gays too.

So what is Tony Blairs position on human rights now ? – well if you believe in the virgin mary your alright if not you better convert to become a catholic.

I’ve no views on the issues of homos adopting, but this illustrates well the facist tendencies of Tony Blair working in cahoots with his opus dei (cult) comrade Ruth Kelly.

It will be very nice to blame a catholic by the name of Tony Blair for another genocide, god bless Tony Blair forhe starts to make that bunkum by Dan Brown seem almost ‘believable‘ – go on Ruth flaglate yourself please please !!

The United Kingdom dont need catholic facists in power oh well perhaps if Bush could hang Saddam, he could hang Blair too?.

George we need you….

I hate Charles Dickens

From here


It is pleasant to turn from contemplating the strife and
turmoil of political existence, to the peaceful repose of
private life. Although in reality no great partisan of either side,
Mr. Pickwick was sufficiently fired with Mr. Pott’s enthusiasm, to apply his whole time and attention to the proceedings, of which the last chapter affords

I hope you paid attention ? no ?

a description compiled from his own memoranda. Nor while he was thus occupied was Mr Winkle idle, his whole time being devoted to pleasant walks and short country excursions with Mrs. Pott, who never failed, when such an opportunity presented itself, to seek some relief from the tedious monotony she so constantly complained of.

Lets rehash shall we ?

The two gentlemen being thus completely domesticated in the editor’s house, Mr. Tupman and Mr. Snodgrass were in a great measure cast upon their own resources. Taking but little interest in public

Now we set the scene

affairs, they beguiled their time chiefly with such amusements as the Peacock afforded, which were limited to a bagatelle-board in the first floor, and a sequestered skittle-ground in the back yard.

Bored yet ?

In the science and nicety of both these recreations, which are far more abstruse than ordinary men suppose, they were gradually initiated by Mr. Weller, who possessed a perfect knowledge of such pastimes.

Thank fuck for that

Thus, notwithstanding that they were in a great measure deprived of the comfort and advantage of Mr. Pickwick’s society, they were still enabled to beguile the time, and to prevent its hanging heavily on their hands.

They amused themseleves

Thats the first bit if thats brief then i be a dung beatle.