Ruth Kelly is an Opus Dei baby stealer

Ruth Kelly cult memberOK Im glad Teresa is in America for we all know what Opus Dei would do to her

In this bbc it is alledged by some mp’s that her department (who controls this area see this) Steals babys from new labour voters to give to Opus Dei followers to be brainwashed.

A quote i think

Babies are being removed from their parents so that councils can meet adoption targets, MPs have claimed.

The MPs fear a rise in the number of young children being taken into care in England and Wales is linked to pressure on councils to increase adoption rates.

Lib Dem MP John Hemming, who has tabled a Commons motion on the issue, said it was a “national scandal”.

The government said the courts decided on care cases but there had to be evidence a child was being harmed.

A spokesman for the Department for Education said there were “no targets relating to the numbers of children coming into care”.

But Mr Hemming argued that social services departments are under pressure to meet targets set by government on children in care being adopted.

I like the inference, the world needs more Opus Dei cult members. Blessed be Tony Blair too

Catholic fascists ahoy !, after all flogging babies for the sins of jesus is right. Opus Dei is a great organisation oh the fun you can have if your a member.

Think about it.

In Milton Lumky Territory

Is isbn 0575074655 and one of the many Philip K Dick books whom you’ve all probably seen at least three films based on his stories*. He did normal as well as just s/f fiction and they also are still readable

In Milton Lumky territory is not s/f and one book i missed and which i  rediscovered in a bookshop

as i dont remember that

– so it was read.

A nice story that partly (i think) hints at Philip’s life and the four women whom he married. Set in the 1950’s and like Puttering can hold a plot together.

Bananas rates it 4/5 Bananas

* actually even more have been made, but youve all heard of at least three and they have been on tv too now.