nyett abso’s perhaps the polonium-210 got them?

Лебединое Озеро (Swan Lake for the english – [wiki] which is a ballet, and not a bit of water with a swan on it) was on bbc one recently from Russia sans asbo’s (my blog) for the composers Tchaikovsky centenary or something. Strangley it was on the bbc chav channel (which im told that they have to give the animals nicknames in the nature programs)

ronald mcdonald the cow just met boris the badger and now has tb.

Being an inteligent monkey i’d probably be nicknamed ‘einstein’

So on a sunday afternoon that was also NOT during the christmas period the ballet was on bbc chav which is VERY strange to say the least.

The performance was prerecorded and had some good camera operators. You know somethings up – when the bbc resorts to antics like and not a cockney actor thug/market trader (my blog) to cause mental illness/unhappy youth.

Anyhow it was video recorded and viewed recently – that must have been a real bitch to dance to with the slow/fast tempo they used – an amazing performance though.

Very deceptive and no asbo’s either – seems a shame you cant radiation poision asbos in England

pass the polonium-210 comrade

Oh well perhaps thats what they do with asbos in russia ?

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