A new Mel Gibson project: The Passion of the Saddam

I refer to the film ‘The Passion of the Christ’ which like the Life of Brian (bbc) upset somebody or other somewhere. Praise be to the irrational bible thumpers was probably the attitude of both monty python and mr Gibson for the media attention these freaks generate (i include Peter Vardy here) for films like this.

The film (passion) made it to tv, i found it’s end neither gory or that B word that the bible thumpers use in great volume, Being honest the film rather reminded me of Saddams hanging

Nothing changes I note, perhaps having a believer in god president isnt the best idea, for if the message is lost on George, what does ‘i go to church’ really mean.

Think about it – after all Jesus did not do churches.

by golly but...

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