Book: The wizzard of oz’s city (Iraq)

I refer to Imperial life in the emerald city (inside bagdad’s green zone) by Rajiv Chrandrasekaran which has an isbn of 9780747591689, which your library has or im sure they can get it for you.

The book also won a book award recently.

Its a bit scary, but worth a read which  paints a rather worrying picture.

It details the sabotage by neo-cons in the republican party to what happenned in Iraq where the professional diplomats where replaced by loyalists of president Bush

Some quotes i think at this point.

Its who you know and not what you can do

Was the modus of operation until

neo-conservatives got mugged by reality

Those are two noteable quotes, what perhaps is rather scary that getting a job with the the then Bush approved CPA was dependant on issues like

the applicants opinion of roe v wade (thats the abortion case) and most importantly did they vote for George  Walker Bush?

Please notice that speaking arabic, or being skilled in something did not matter.  Take the fact that being american home-schooled, and going to an evangelical (of the jesus type) university and most importantly being friends with the Bush circle means you got to run Iraq with no experience required.

If your thinking a four letter word about here dont worry for the pro-lifers rescuing Iraq

only here for George Bush

Not  for Iraq.  The book details the problems that the neo-cons made in bullet point

  • Iraqis become Shia’s,Sunnys,and Kurds not ‘Iraqis’
  • The Looting of government buildings (we all saw it on tv) made Iraq ungovernable
  • Baath party sackings, and sacking the military made many Iraqis go insurgent (see the above point too)

Perhaps what is most distressing is the converstion Bush tried to make a socialist countryinto a market economy with no civil infrastructure in place.

Plans where made, but most rebuilding plans where rejected by the neo-cons.   The book has comic moments too especially the new tv station who despite being rejected a training manual found it self with a teleprompter so that the American in charge would read from a screen and was not even on the contractors list.

Insightful that Paul  Bremer

Another was the reopening of the stockmarket – computers where rejected, but then  it was closed, and when there was no electrical power they reverted to blackboards when it had to do.

Perhaps what is gauling is that  Tony Blair seemed to think this was getting Iraq ‘back on track’ but thats poodles for you i suppose quote why Tony Blair and George W Bush even bother with diplomats and a civil service seem to be a very good discussion point.

It’s an frightening read but well worthy of your time if you can be bothered and i give the book a 5/5 bananas rating.

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