Them and Us.

_44529448_harman_long226.jpgLadies and Gentlemen, Lords and Ladies, special thugs and even you lot the asbo classes please welcome your great comrade leader Harriet Harman.

It is an honour as a millionaire labour party mp to serve you, as you can see Ken Livingstone has done a great job as Major of london keeping london ‘safe’ as you can see me wearing my stab proof vest with my police protection outfit.

Now dont get me wrong its just like

wearing the kit

for you drug taking sporty types and even for you ‘workers’ its like *

wearing a white hairnet when visiting a meat factory

Quoted from here Quite what this says about Labour’s ten years in running Britain (well the english bit at least) is something you should decide. So have you ordered your highly fashionable stab proof** vest yet ? We have to get yours ring 020 7230 1212 and find out where to get one.

The thing is she is walking about in her own*** community, who elected her.  Fear thats a healthy thing right ?

* not millionaires. ** it is advised that Brazilians upgrade to the bullet proof version, *** rich people buy the votes of the poor.

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