sacrificing rationality.

Trust me im normalLadies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, and imaginary guests of the loony bin. Meet your latest witch doctor (image) whom decides what is ‘normal’ in Gordon Browns happy nanny state (sans low tax rates).

She naturally gets a tv show as well discussing what is ‘normal’ being that it is tv.  The internet, and sex are areas where miss mad doctor get a chance to say her piece

By accident i saw the last few minutes on her thing about ‘normal’ sex, so the extreme end of that argument was shown.  Being a madness doctor her rationality is a moot point for she could be mad too and not know it.

So how do the saint sigmound freuds justify there ‘normal’ ? Easy by speaking with a another believer of the mundane.

I will not disagree that there are sick people in the world, but it is rational to ignore them, and to call them ‘ill’ or evil and then repress there ‘wrong message’ is bad.

Hilter signed the order/said yes to the murder of gays, jews, and other religious persons and others that did not match his concept of normality, while it is wrong to have that thought, Hilter would no doubt claim he was rational.

The purpose of ideas whatever they might be or unpalatable to your stand point is to not make them dogma.  Since the catholic church murdered the Incas in south america, and then decides it ok to rape and abuse to choir boys does that mean the the catholic church was always right ?

Whatever your views beware of the ‘normal’ and especially those whom would like a return to the dark ages.  Make up your own mind.  Christianity was once a cult, i wonder what a roman madness doctor would have said about the cult that believed only in one god ?

who watches the cctv ?

In this (bbc) Det Ch Insp Mike Neville states that cctv is a waste of money

His statement:

officers who often avoided trawling through CCTV images “because it’s hard work”

Tells us that many of the workers of cctv are criminals. I know this to be a fact since I was on a train and overheard a man who had been to prison claim to apply for a cctv job talking with a friend.

We all know that cctv does not work, is a bit blurry but when criminals run the cctv network is it a surprise when nobody gets caught with it ?

I shoot Brazilians for fun.Policemen as i have mentioned before in this blog need a level of ‘failure’ or fear to maintain there jobs who without criminals would be umemployable, or be considered mafia like.

should i snipe or should i leave ebay?

What is ‘the price’ ?, no not the general mark up, but the real cost of an item ? and is it really real ? oh no its Alan Sugar territory who is looking for another ‘new’ trainee since he seems to murder about one a year.

Bananas is not a good ebay bidder, or perhaps the tribe is wise, but if without a sniping software/service (8 seconds before end biding) means a carbon based lifeform* has no hope of winning an ebay bid then what is the point of ebay for humans?

The item i want is for research, and being honest i am not prepared to over pay for it, but the item is tainted because the bidder is using privacy, so am i bidding against the seller or not? I don’t know but i could be and be none the wiser.

So why should it cost me money to bid on ebay to get the item which it appears i have no chance on being a carbon based lifeform. That is when ebay fails for if ebay becomes a waste of time and (a economic loss as we are all wasting time) then there’s not much point to ebay.

The item i want is not really the item i want but will do spec wise, so retailers have little to fear, and when the item i want is available then perhaps i will purchase but not from ebay.

While ebay night be noble in concept, when the deals on it need extra assistance for supply then ebay is not the place.

Openness is important, and the items being sold seem to be rotated at a high rate. So its time to stop wasting time and come back to this.

If i was ebay i would concerned. If i was a retailer i would also snipe to piss people like me off and on the there site, and annoy the item sellers.

The lesson here is that ebay is not customer focused, provided you make money for them (thats ebay not you) ebay dont need to do anything even though they proudly promote ‘foreign trade’ and have the staff with the langauges but give preference to Chinese traders in selling to a western market.

Ebay is a fools paradise, and ebay laugh at us western suckers.

In the end i bought the item cheaper than i could have from ebay from a website, I was ebay i would be concerned.

An interesting article of note