oh no actors autobiography revision 4 alert.

A certain Mr William Shatner has released autobiography book number four recently i read and in review of it that it sufferes from the ‘!!!’ syndrome. Depending upon your views Mr Shatner is either an author, or someone who lends his name to fictional ghost writers a lot !!!!!!*.

This is old ground for this blog notice i do not recommend Mr Shatner here. I will be avoiding it.

Bananas had the opportunity recently to see ‘the wrath of khan’ on dvd since it was floating about. The directors cut never gets shown on tv and the romp that the star trek film 2 is a more psychological film where William Shatner has to share more of his dialogue than usual **.

Midshipman Peter Preston (wiki site image and the engineer who dies) in the film makes a little more sense than it does with the tv version of the film.

The film is still a great space romp and despite the age of the film i think it adds something with the added bits. It’s transfer onto dvd didn’t do much of an advert for dvd or whatever the next ‘nextgen dvd’ format will be.

So I am looking forward to autobiography version 5, after all one of them has got to be better than the last four ?

* parody ** a common compliant of the show beyond the fist series is that is a dialog between Nimoy and Shatner if you read the three books in the other blog post.

Rude comedians and alcohol comglomerates

In england there is a ‘rude’ comedian named Roy Chubby Brown, it is not my humour * and despite being ‘controversial’ manages to get his rude dvd’s into the supermakets (unlike this) so how rude it is a matter of ‘distinction’.

England’s/ Britain’s/ the Socialist republic of Gordon Brown** has labeled Mr Brown as ‘Rudest of the comedians’ for I must assume that his low brow comedy. If you like it then great for you, but this is not Bananas in the Falklands making a critical judgement, and by the success he has had has done well and good for him for too make people laugh is a skill undervalued in todays world.

Such a label means media attention , lots of it, and television programs on television exploring the ‘rudeness***’ that is his act. I tell as I just saw a minute of it before i turned off.

It was on a commercial channel and so it had adverts in, but if Mr Brown is rude who associates with the aspirational figure****. Well Southern Comfort drinkers do according the advert / sponsorship thing do

Can a drink be rude ? and if so should not the nanny state ban socal drinkers as well as Mr Brown ? On the edge is something i know about. Alcohol, like cigarettes is a ‘bad’ thing that governments love to tax, wthout the tax on social things would not be as well funded while yes if you screw up your kidneys while drinking and yes theres a large queue of George Best’s (link) in front of you then yes your mega screwed since its a hard to get that spare part.

So perhaps the issue is that while rude and alcohol might not go hand in hand all the time they can change perspectives. perhaps this limelight is something best that should be no associated with so brightly.

Im not against drinking, or Mr Brown but the promotion leaves me with issues

Here end thy lesson, you can wake up now.

* i am sometimes accused of being rude in this blog, however most people just don’t get the point i make, or if they do fail to see its irony. ** share a name with the prime minister too.  ***available in your large corporate walmart uk equivalent, make your own mind as to its rudeness on this fact please. **** Prime Minister and Comedian – i cant see a difference