The ‘commercial’ problems with Dr Who season 4 that cause it more artistic problems.

In this (bbc news) we discover that a knitted puppet of the fat aliens (my blog) has caused the emergence of the lawyers at the bbc to claim that knitting a puppet of a one off alien is ‘BAD FOR THE BBC’

Why who pays for them, the english do via a license fee, where once this was considered fandom is now considered evil by the the bbc whom also run lonely planet and weathered the guide book criticism that its ok to produce guidebooks and not have anybody actually go to the country.

Its the retard music event today – last years coverage if your interested so no ‘who’ tonight which i think based on whats happened in season four so far this is good thing why i hear you ask?

Well if the bbc feel it is ok to stiff writers of guide books (eg not make it worth economical to write books and fake the stuff) then this shows that the commercial side of the bbc is presurizing the creative side of the bbc.

This can be seen in Season 4 of dr who where the storylines have been very child friendly (notice the early time slots). There is also the option of merchandising and the issues so far covered seem to indicate a lack of wishing to cover more teen, or even adult themes (seen at more later times).

if the bbc feel threatened by kniting, or failed to see the marketing opportunity (just try an get an image of the fat creatures, i had to make a screen dump from a newspaper) then something is wrong. Fan v commercial products is a huge difference both in distribution* and cost.

The bbc should be reminded that while it good to protect its brands and sell them to other broadcasters it has an very large obligation to its ‘super’ fans who helped make some law firm some very large nice fees this week. The bbc hates science fiction and would probably rather not make it except that it sells toys and stuff.

It seems that the profit motive and the actual people (the english public) who fund it and also pay these evil lawyers are getting a bum deal.

A knitted fat alien is certainly not on my christmas list of must haves or even a toy darlek, nor is the dvds of season four due to lack of a running theme this season.

Let us all hope that the bbc rediscover the joy of edgy drama soon (and not just help create branded toys for chinese manufacturers to make) The Americans do it so it might be a tall order.

* do it yourself