Nationalistic crap

In this (bbc) we discover that despite been moved from the schedules ‘Gordon Brown Britishness‘ failed once again to engage the eastern europeans (or anybody else in europe dumb enough).

At least the crap remover (this years ‘right colour’ uk’s contestant) was not a trans-gendered airline employee (from last years dr who coverage).

So what have we learned about ‘Britain’* in europe under Gordon Brown ?, well airline employees cannot sing, and garbage collectors don’t engage, but its ‘socialist’ by nature.

Don’t worry for bananas in the falklands is only aware of this ‘lets makes the idiots of europe aware of europe’ event by the rescheduling of Dr Who. After all just who the fuck gives a shit what some old retired shit for brains irishman ** thinks.

Oh Never heard or saw any of it.

* as run from Scotland, ** not British either.