HP inkjet printer firmware is bonkers

Bananas got out the hand me down photo printer (my blog) and printed out an 80 page share prospectus, Its black ink cartridge (type 56) ran out which was the whole intention of the printing it on this printer.

Its a nice printer, and I had a spare cartridge of black ink part used which came free from the owner, and at page sixty things where getting faint, and i changed bank ink, at the end of the document a test page was printed that told me that the new cartridge (but was part used prior) was now 100% full.

Even though another 20 pages had been printed, not forgetting the ink used before that.


However the printing looked good. The moral is don’t ever believe your hp test page on ink levels.

The next time i turned it on – the same cartridge that was 100% was then 85%. Confused ? we both are.