Jeanette Winterson is a snob

She wrote isbn 978-0241143957 and her publisher refused to have it entered into a book prize being it was a ‘type cast’ thing or other I read.

I refuse to rate the book, but if she and her publisher feel ‘snobbish’ then take it from me when i say Jeanette Winterson cannot write and essentially does not do wish to do anything with the scope to explore.

Some might say that the public telephone box is a really great plot device but now made unreal and unpractical by the home phone. A mobile phone or ‘handy’ in Ms Winterson’s eyes must be ‘sci-fi’ and horror of all horrors. Let us all hope that no mobile phone or modern ‘thing’ shall be seen in any of her books.

0/5 Bananas – Don’t bother with this snobbish luddite. Plenty of other authors to choose from.

Having fun

Bananas has a new Linux distro, it has a ssh server on it and not much else

So i get a report and i see some fun was had.

    Authentication Failures:
       unknown ( 3181 Time(s)
       unknown ( 901 Time(s)
       root ( 711 Time(s)
       unknown ( 275 Time(s)
       root ( 175 Time(s)
       root ( 121 Time(s)
       postfix ( 45 Time(s)
       unknown ( 25 Time(s)
       postgres ( 18 Time(s)
       backup ( 5 Time(s)
       games ( 5 Time(s)
       mail ( 5 Time(s)
       mysql ( 5 Time(s)
       news ( 5 Time(s)
       postgres ( 5 Time(s)
       proxy ( 5 Time(s)
       root ( 5 Time(s)
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       www-data ( 5 Time(s)
       unknown ( 4 Time(s)
       backup ( 3 Time(s)
       root ( 3 Time(s)
       sshd ( 3 Time(s)
       mysql ( 2 Time(s)
       nobody ( 2 Time(s)
       nobody ( 2 Time(s)
    Invalid Users:
       Unknown Account: 4386 Time(s)

Only 4386 attempts in one day  and no login, the fun people have