review: The Merry Wives of Windsor at the globe.

Regulars to the zoo will note that the tribe goes every year to the Globe on London’s south bank where we pack a banana or too and watch William Shakespeare’s words come to life at £6 ($12 usd) and its a steal*.

Clever human – he was. We are getting close (monkeys with typewriters) to his work but lets give the human some credit for his work.

The performance is witty 5/5 Bananas.

* bananas are extra.

You Naughty man Adam Dicker (a godaddy employee)

In this we discover it is not a a good idea to to annoy the writer of nmap. Adam Dicker is not only a Godaddy Employee, but “VP of Domain Name Aftermarket”

Think godaddy (a domain name registrar who bananas in the falklands has linked to Robert Soloway and other iffy causes) is your friend ? think again.

Let us hope Bob Parsons (the ceo) sacrifices this lamb and continues in his strange views on domain names.

I do not need a hero

Bananas in the Falklands has noted the boys with hair free legs has arrived but due to an overload of gay sporting events it means no chance to watch them – personally the tribe considers the the human zoo (that’s big brother) as a rather tired format.

Another thing to go was Heroes – series two and im affraid to say that i gave up on the r e a l l y s l o w story.  No dear writers of Heroes i do have an attention span of more than 2 minutes* – bloody humans really do annoy the superior apes that we are and you humans are not.

* we do watch Batttlestar Galactica

Charlie Jade

Charlie Jade is s/f with a social exploration of the issues of apartheid and genetic screening ala ‘gattatica’.

There appear to be three ‘universes’ – and Charlie through his ‘work’ can interact with them. an Alpha, Beta and Gamma classification means that humans in one ‘metaverse’ can manipulate that space and can alter things in the other two.

Its floating about and looks quite interesting and is filmed in South Africa so is a little different and covers some issues

Worth a look

Paul Verhoeven lost his heart to a starship trooper…

Roughnecks (imdb: tt0190198) is an second attempt at Robert A. Heinlein starship troopers book by the director Paul Verhoeven who first film (imdb tt0120201) went jokey and lost both the military and political aspects of Mr H’s book while insects got ‘killed’. It was rather underwhelming.

Roughnecks is essentially a 100% cgi, it looks a little like video game. But It again fails to do the politics and also fails to meet the books expectations, it is interesting the for way biology and chemistry are portrayed.

As they say third time lucky Paul. – I’m sure somebody has got to do this book properly at some time or other.

And do try to read the book in the meantime. It is worth a go.

* Sarah Brightman sang it

edit: The video here in this post was removed by emi.

Blackman’s burden

In this (bbc) we learn that Zimbabwe has finally become a dictatorship. Robert Mugabe who is a catholic fought oppression and since brought this once prosperous state to its knees.

Like all dictators he naturally is right and everybody else is wrong. Since it is coming up to thirty years of independence (and 30 years of his rule) it is so nice that he continues to blame the white man but is happy to buy arms from China.

Its a funny thing freedom right ? Thank goodness we live in London zoo rather than his shit hole country. There’s no banana shortage here, that cannot be said for Mugabe’s state.

Fortunately theres no oil in Zimbabwe so that rules out regime change. Let the genocide commence. Mind you a good genocide is good for confession box. At least the catholic church will get busy.

The Magus

Is isbn: 0316296198, and by an author called John Fowles, it is Greece before mass tourism so is a bit like Captain Corellis Mandolin except that the magus was first published in 1965 but set in 1950’s europe.

It suffers a little from oxbridge syndrome that authors are rather keen on, and some be addicted too. It is an excersize in loathing with a cast of ‘saint sigmund freuds‘ (my blog) on the case examining the sexual revolution.

All aspects are explored – nobody is who they seem to be or can be verified as such, the conclusion is up to your interpretation which from the saint freuds is an open admission of grey. That makes a change from the black and white we get these days from ‘them’ (my blog)

The book is a wordy tome and although it needs some extra effort is a book i gave 3/5 bananas to.

Doing it differently

‘Fantasy’ writing is usually full of crap writers ****. It suffers from invented languages, thousands of pages, trilogies++, a cast of 1000’s,very dodgy dialogue,no sex (male 80 year old virgin writers only) and sword flights yawn.

YAWN – still with me ? no heres an example already paroded (here one havard perpared earlier)

“Verily and forsooth,” replied Goodgulf darkly.  “In the past year strange and fearful wonders I have seen.  Fields sown with barley reap crabgrass and fungus, and even small gardens reject their artichoke hearts.

There has been a hot day in December and a blue moon.  Calendars are made with
a month of Sundays and a blue-ribbon Holstein bore alive two insurance salesmen.  The earth splits and the entrails of a goat were found tied in  square knots.  The face of the sun blackens and the skies have rained down soggy potato chips.”

“But what do all these things mean?” gasped Frito.
“Beats me,” said Goodgulf with a shrug, “but I thought it made good copy.”
— Harvard Lampoon, “Bored of the Rings”

So it has many problems.

Justina Robson (who we think is a girl) in ‘keeping it real’ mixes it up in isbn: 05757907x. For a start the lead is female, rather than a retarded male ‘hobbit’ and mixes a contemporary world with the usual suspects the F word offers on its usual diet.

It suffers a little from the ‘Funny font’* issue which some characters get and thankfully most don’t get but it tries. While i will not plough through 15 books, and 25 million of pages** of his holiness of the shite J R R Tolkien*** and ilk.

Quite why Tolkien is regarded as good is strange, i image popularity is due to the fact that most idiots don’t read and a myth about ‘its a cool book’ emerges. Bit like my Hate of Charles Dickens who i remind you all that both Lenin and George Orwell agreed that he had no moral backbone.

Fantasy is a form of writing that is ‘so up its own arse’ that it has to take new people to make it ‘fun’ again. Terry Pratchett I mostly like too and does not take the form too seriously and wins readers who don’t just claim to have read Lord of the cock rings in every best book ever poll released and voted for by the cock ringians or whatever dismissive fan designation they have.

Bananas therefore gives Ms Robson 2.5/5 Bananas for her book, your library should be able to get you a copy.

* used for dream like sequences and mystics ** to be continued in book 47890 due next year *** cant rite wont rite (intentionally spelled that way) **** strange too (see my post on castaway)