You Naughty man Adam Dicker (a godaddy employee)

In this we discover it is not a a good idea to to annoy the writer of nmap. Adam Dicker is not only a Godaddy Employee, but “VP of Domain Name Aftermarket”

Think godaddy (a domain name registrar who bananas in the falklands has linked to Robert Soloway and other iffy causes) is your friend ? think again.

Let us hope Bob Parsons (the ceo) sacrifices this lamb and continues in his strange views on domain names.

4 responses

  1. Adam Dicker and Rod Browning (his Deputy Dog) both use insider information to manipulate the domain auctions to defraud legitimate bidders. They both have access to traffic statistics that allow them to see actual value of a domain on’s servers. Rod Browning bought after consult with Dicker. Fuck these scum bags.

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