Jacqui Smith the Neo nazi.

Nazi spending a bit too much time in China

Jacqui goes nazi after spending a bit too much time in China.

Who is Jacqui Smith (wiki) i hear you ask and pictured the the right, well not a nice person, who has seem to have fallen in love with Adolf Hitler. I usually don’t bother to blog about Nazis but then again i think that most english people will happly walk into the next version of whatever the gas chamber is. I say this as identity cards (my blog link, another one of her ideas) gets little or no response when i blog it here.

So why try again ? well so in the future I can write a told you piece, and let you know about this as most have a mobile phone Big Sister Jacqui wants to know who your calling or you don’t get a phone.

Sure some people are idiots with phones but does your goose stepping freedom (as in communism) loving Jacqui think you should have privacy god no who the fuck wants that ?

Harriet Harman fellow nazi (in bullet proof vest) in her local unsafe area

Harriet Harman fellow female nazi (in bullet proof vest) in her local unsafe area

Well not for you english people, Mr Brown and the new labour crew have decided that you can also be arrested and not charged while they dig up evidence.

Harriet (my blog, and image left) is a fellow traveller notice her ‘paranoia’ with the bullet proof vest while walking about in her community.

See you all in the showers.

5 responses

  1. She is an awful, repellant woman, reason enough alone to want Labour out. Did you hear about the No2ID campaign getting hold of her fingerprints a few days ago? They’re planning some stunt or other with them, don’t know what. Might shock her into actually thinking about what she’s doing but I’m not holding my breath.

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