Karen Matthews

Guilty of kidnapping her own daughter

Guilty of kidnapping her own daughter

Karen Matthews (seen to the right) attracted a great deal of attention when her daughter went missing. The media sensing one of those ‘tv human interest stories’ set forth upon it like a rabid monkey on magic mushrooms*.

Even I made a comment when her house of cards finally fell down. However we all know a lot more about Karen, her background and stuff – it is the stuff that social workers get hauled in to explain ‘why not‘ and explains the welfare based nanny state Gordon Brown needs to maintain his power.

Either way she’s screwed for the crime of trying to ‘extort’ money from that english couple whom left there kids alone in Portugal and one went missing. You know them and i will not give them the better page ranking or name recognition.

That is the trouble with cash incentives, it implies guilt. Just look where it got Karen

* best avoided.

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