Royals and the requirement of the vet (breeding)

royals need vets it appears

royals need vets it appears

Crown Prince Manvendra (indian),His Royal Highness Prince Africa Zulu, and not forgetting His Royal Highness Prince Remigius (exiled northern – sri lanka) [no these are real people] are low rank ‘royal’s seeking love and failing to get it.

Television decided to ‘help’* – so one gay indian prince, an straight Zulu, and an exiled prince without a land became normal people to find ‘love’.

Without the royal thing, all three apparently found ‘love’, and i watched the last ‘catch up’ when the princes came out of the closet* and revealed there real identity to there lovers.

A sad portrait of snobbery from the royals was portrayed, once the normality wa stripped off.

  • gay indian prince still had his indian ‘taboo’
  • straight exiled indian (northern sri lanka) had family caste issues
  • african prince was a totally different character

We all know that India has more than a few hang ups. But when Royals need a vet get offspring its worrying.  Mind you with so much snobbery then the royal ‘genetic’ line will soon become extint without much intervention.

How long before we have royality in zoos and breeding programs.  They need the help.

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