Book: Body of secrets: how America’s NSA and Britain’s GCHQ eavesdrop on the world.

Was published in 2001, by James Bamford, isbn of 978071262318, you will never read a fictional story about spies again.

The book takes an historical approach to eavesdropping and the latter chapters are either a recruiting pitch, or knee deep in what a concept computer might be like in twenty years.

However some of the book stands out, it points out the privacy dangers of echelon (which you have all heard of) and the odd positions that the american republican (Bush etc) party takes on industrial spying.

I don’t buy the denials as the european patent office has seen some strange shinanigans with european businesses who where beaten to a application by hours by the americans odd that one thinks.

Of historic interest even today is the event of the the US Liberty which was shot up by the Israelis during the six day war and makes chilling reading.

The book also points to some of the failures that a ‘perfect*’ organisation has and the damage americans have caused so its not just gay Cambridge spies which is the perception america likes to give.

4/5 Bananas.

An interesting read none the less.

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