Newspapers and ‘science’ – why paywalls won’t work.

This is review of the book Bad Science by Ben Goldacre, it has an isbn of 9780007284870 ( a revised edition).  I will deal with the paywall aspect later.

Matthias Rath - who causes the death of 300,000 south africans a year from hiv aids.

Matthias Rath vitamin milionaire - who causes the death of 300,000 south africans a year from hiv aids.

This book is a great read and murders anybody who might think newspapers get it right all the time.  The book covers brain gym, beauty creams, homeopathy,some mass murdering vitamin pill sales men (Matthias Rath,Anthony Brink), and not forgetting the best shit smeller (and millionaire vitamin sales lady too) Gillian McKeith in the media business.

It also covers some very bad statistic reporting on the mmr vacine and mrsa, and something on file sharing too (something i rant about) which have been high in being ‘newsworthy‘ in newspaper circles.

The author is a doctor by trade and writes in the guardian newspaper and covers from the mundane foot spas to shit smellers along the lines of the kellogg family (breakfast cereals) say imdb:tt0111001.

The book shows the misunderstanding of science in the world of Rupert Murdoch who wants internet news as a paid item.  The trouble is that if Rupert Murdoch wishes to report lies and not ever check facts then the news product in any form isnt worth paying for in any case.

So what is the lesson we learn ? well the book is a 5/5 bananas read, and newspapers/media need to do better to make sure the saying garbage in – garbage out (GIGO*) does not apply to evil billionaires

Read the book, ignore newspapers (in any form) is the scientific conclusion i reached.

* perhaps Gillian McKeith** might smell Rupert Murdoch’s shit. ** who bought a fake american phd for $60 us dollars*** – thus anybody can be a ‘nutritionist’ even Bananas in the Falklands. **** Dr Bananas in the Falklands phd anybody ?

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