The graveyard book, neil gaiman

Is an author i read once before but did not make me want to read his back catalog , and isbn 9780747596837 has won the 2009 hugo award.

It had competition from Little Brother,Neil Stephenson,Charlie Stross ‘saturns children’, and John Scalzi ‘zoe’ (not read that one, but i had read the old man war books which it is based on)

The Graveyard book is a charming story unlikely to offend anybody – there are adult and children versions* of the book too just to muddy the water.It is not what i normally read, rather light (300 pages) and occasionally amusing 2/5 bananas

The hugo prize is at times a bit strange, but the stories in the shortlist are of some merit if a little teen aged themed for 2009

* another problem for authors.