Rebel Land, Christopher de Bellaigue

Isbn: 9780747586289 is a book of a journalist who fell into the ‘turkish’ trap and so the book is a ‘chance’ to redress the many issues that he seem to forget about first time round.  Rupert Murdoch and other publishers would like us to pay and then pay again on account of sloppy journalists and that newspapers should be places to sell things in rather than get facts right in – ‘un-informed opinion’ rather than news.

Theres a whole hornets nest of issues when it comes to discussing Turkey, which even i have had a go at here and there.   The writing is flowery to start with and takes some time to get going.  However after numerous visits a trust begins of the author begin and the issues finally come out.

2/5 bananas   – bit heavy going

The big over easy,Jasper Fforde

is isbn: 0340897104, and instead of Thursday Next, we enter the police procedural world of Reading in England and the nursery crime division detectives of whom  Mary Mary ([introduced here] had a l__b), and Jack Sprat deal with famous detectives and the death of Humpty Dumpty who came to a bad end after falling off a wall.

Its not as funny as Thursday next but theres some comic word play here and the great detective novel is ambushed for the crap they are [the old cars, inspector moose etc].

It is an intriguiding world with pied pipers, gingerbreadmen serial killers for foe so it is not all bad and  a greek seeking refugee status from Zueus means theres fun to be had.

2/5 bananas.

Something Rotten,Jasper Fforde

isbn  0340835583 and book 4 (1, 2, 3 all my blog) takes another trip into he surreal world of thursday next and family (her son is friday).   The book clears up any loose ends and needs a large cast of book characters to do it.

At times far to amusing for words as Hamlet gets a backbone, a very amusing motorway service station subplot and where the dead come back to life mean theres class in here.

The ending is touching to,  there is one more book to read but set further on, but to not like Jasper Fforde seems to be difficult.

5/5 bananas.

Mason & Dixon, Thomas Pynchon

isbn: 0099771918 and supposedly is the



history and fuse fable and vaudeville with science and science fiction

said  a new york times critic.

I’d call it pretentious crap, but then i only got to page 82.

0/5 bananas

The well of lost plots, Jasper Fforde

book 1, book 2, and now book3 (isbn 0340825936) is an amusing rip at the publishing world including the rupert murdochs, and the bezos who whould love to see drm on books ( just as aple would like too)

In tthe land of Thursday Next, you get an electtic mix of the classics, english language construction, dodos with offfspring, some home truths about crap detectives novels and not forgetting story character development.

4/5 bananas briliant,

the men who stare at goats

isbn: 97803305077707 is by Jon Ronson.   It has since been made into a film not seen imdb:tt1234548 – it sort of covers the area of this (my blog) and this (also my blog).

Child Rapist with Uri Geller

That rather odd ‘famous’ jewish mind reader (the one who softened up Michael Jacksons rape victims) is apparently an american enlistee and the antics of the first earth battalion and it appears that whether this be security theatre or truth there seems to be some innovative use of the psyche.

It’s an strange book but a it is a strange subject.

5/5 bananas.