Coalitions and the ‘small’ delusions of Gordon Brown

The Election is over, I voted as I said i would (my blog) and Gordon and his nazi labour party are gone. Granted the ruby slippers are being shared between two parties and i have no problems with that.

What perhaps is worrying is Gordon Brown who in an megalomaniac move sought a deal with all the minor regional parties to retain power.  This move proves what a corrupt person he has become as.

  • the welsh party wants more power to wales
  • the snp want devolution
  • the lib dems tried the fascist labour route in 1997 – result nothing achieved
  • the green mp (more on that later) will vote on a case by case basis

That leaves the northern ireland parties of which SF (catholics) have no intention of ever turning up.  Who does that leave ? However if say you voted welsh, or scottish and then that party then supported labour what is the point of voting for them again for those parties its a future vote loser.

Importantly if i can live with an lib dem / conservative consensus which means some sanity on things like id cards then i have no issues so far. The green mp is a issue for me, being an mep as well Miss Lucas seems ‘overstretched’ surely there must be another green other than her that is electable.

There are some corrupt labour mps (jack straw) and some great ones like Dennis Skinner, but when his scottishness procliams on live media about his bigoted labour supporters it goes to show that while a labour party is not all bad it has made problems of its own making including the scottish,welsh and new ‘bigot’ issues then perhaps it is good that they no longer hold the trust of anybody and cannot make deals with anyone.