Rocky Horror and the femininisation of central london


Bananas was re-watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show (imdb: /tt0073629) a month or so ago one evening as it is fun, has a cast (meatloaf*), and well why not.

rocky horror under that suit?

So apart from giving the film 5/5 bananas a though crept into my head who does Rocky Horror remind me of ? Well Boris Johnson major of London thats who.

Enjoy and do you see something similar ? However I left the monkey house in London zoo and she made a rare trip to ‘really’ central London, which i suppose you say are between the four circus’es rather than our patch on the outer rim of it.  My mission was to source something that i had failed to fix in Camdem.

asbo wear.

I failed, but this popped into my head so –  However as a i walked around i noticed how feminine that part of London is becoming, granted theres the odd apple* shop, and that big church dedicated to chavs and asbos who wear training shoes it seemed that the female human is certainly spolit for choice.

There was also a hell of a lot of empty retail space too for rent i noticed.

It appears that retail in this part of London has a big problem and that a certain sex visits more than another does. An issue that will have to be addressed at one point sooner or later i think.

At least we know where rocky horror gets his fishnets from** (my blog) though

* not a meat dish ** junkies congregate there *** humour

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