The girl who kicked the hornets’ nest, Stieg Larsson

isbn: 9781849162746 is the third and final book (Book 1 and book 2) and while its first 300 pages plods along rehashing books 1 and 2 the remaining 460 pages does great violence,court and conspiracy.

Theres also an happy ending despite the many crime issues of the Swedish

The author also makes some good points about the failure of the rupert Murdoch’s of this worlds whom perceive the newspaper as an marketing tool, not a news reporting service, perhaps if newspapers where allowed to report news rather than print opinion then people might buy them like they used to

5/5 bananas despite the first 300 pages and also for being in top ten lists.  Translator deserves a mention too for not screwing up as quite many of thm can ruin a book from translation.

Girl with the dragon tattoo,Stieg Larsson

Is not a 3d animated children’s film [thanks! – it could be], but a book (isbn:9781847242532) and probably is an awful film now ruined by someone american since the author is also dead, or the first film had subtitles that apparently nobody could read in america.

The book has a decent translation also to its credit and the pace moves along since this is now top  ten literature is readable without having a grammar nazi inserting stuff and ruining the authors original flow and although its ‘wallander’ land** inspired has something else going for it which is commentary on poor reporting.

I will be reading the other two, being that i usually avoid top ten books except for the authors i like* and not many of those get there.

4/5 bananas – expect a fast paced read which throws the kitchen sink of issues at people.

* Example that sounds interesting (say sewage processing) rather than famous author z has a new book out

** The Swedish tv version is tolerable.

Auf wiedersehen Real and Realplayer?

Question – when did you last use realplayer ?, and do you have to use it now

I used to use realplayer for one site based in Germany, being a linux user- i don’t even visit the realplayer site to get it cause they dont support it.  Then some genius at decided to get out of web streaming and get into dvd copying.  Naturally all those Hollywood mafia types got a bit upset about that.  Result no dvd copier, plus a large legal bill for Real.

Wohin Realplayer ?

So I visit my radio site and look for the realplayer logo, and its gone.  Fortunately for me i have codecs for the awful ms codecs, and there looking at mp3 streaming which is disabled for legal reason .  I get my fix.

Real suffer from a number of problems (excluding there hate of linux), there windows products are full of intrusive advertising verging on spyware, and have lost apparently a huge number of visitors to there website.

When my German radio station drops realplayer you have to wonder who broke  real.  Im sure mpeg-la had something to do with it.

1491, Charles Mann

isbn: 978162078765, and describes the time before 1492.  It is written in a

Your really not going to believe this ! REALLY!!!

style, however.  You can skip large chunks of the “No Really” and with a large appendices as well mean this author has covered his ass and once you get to the meat of the book it makes a pretty good read that’s once your past the “Really it might have been civilized” patronizing style  of the author.

Interesting 3/5 bananas despite it being written with aims for the retarded.

The book examines the evidence that all native americans where quite cultured compared to the Europeans of the 1500’s and that the wheel as a primary technology isn’t really going to do a lot in mountains or a surface to make it fast.

It negates the ‘lies’ of mass sacrifice and turns the whole argument on its head as we discover that some indians welcomed the europeans as a way to increase their nation size.

Imported disease reeked as much havoc as anything else, and like all cultural differences means that whether it was the europeans or chinese who first visited a unvisited place there will be both winners and losers.  In fringe (tv) Walter Bishop [he whom wears tinfoil hats] told the story of the Magellan, a boat that sailed with 200, and only returned to europe with a crew of 23 – it is celebrated as first, not as an disaster.

If ‘REALLY !’* is probably your thought to this. then go and read it.

*humour – or your reading Texas revised education history books

Shades of Grey, Jasper Fforde

isbn: 9780340963036 was published in 2010, and after reading his complete back catalog being thursday next (1, 2, 3 4, 5 all my blog) and ncd series (1, 2) so this was also on the list.

The city & ehe ytic and silly rules are targets for this book and it feels like the publisher decided to halve the book (read Charlie Stross who had that happen to him) so it really goes nowhere on plot lines.

Book is very different to what you might expect of the Author 1/5 bananas – better wait for the other two books to appear.

Razors and fruit an amusing story from the professor.

You cant buy razor blades from Tesco, computer said no

Our professor knows that we apes in the London Zoo monkey house hate Tesco and I think that he is beginning to get the ‘why’.  If your slow on the uptake Competition and choice mean that firms flourish,  and example if you call starbucks ‘coffee’ then you have no concept of what the beverage called coffee should taste like to start with since hot milk,water and sugar are your thing.

So professor stops by and tells us about doing his weekly shop and he needed razor blades for grooming, so he while in Tescos he selects the right brand of replacement razor which he tells me came in an locked plastic display to deter human thievery and put them in his basket which did not contain any bananas*.

So, after offering the professor a banana for one of his five a day (you have to entertain don’t you), he continued his tale….

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

These blades apparently cost £8 and while the Tesco automaton swiping the things at pay time had great difficulty unlocking to display case when he had achieved this feat the products bar code was not registered in the shop.  So professor did not get his razor blades as the ‘computer said no**’.

We handed him another banana, and suggested the ‘hairy look’ is the way to go.  After all people pay to see us apes here in the zoo.

If anybody who produces these big brand names and wonders why Tesco are shit at selling them despite using professional sports people having sex with the wrong people and then stopping the big fmcg producer with court orders (my blog) then you have an answer.

At least the professor had one of his five a day.

* shocking, but well thats humans for you, ** you have heard it from tv

Charlaine Harris as read rather than seen.

Bubba - mia in True Blood

True Blood (my blog) is something i have mentioned in this blog, and with two seasons of it i decided to go read the Suckie Stookhouse books .of which there are at least 11 in print or about to be released averaging about 300 pages each.

book 1: dead until dark, isbn: 9780575089365

Lafayette is less rounded, and Sookie is more daring and less conservative, the ‘v’ from tv is not there, it explains a few things.

2/5 bananas and also end of tv series one, tv did it better imho in its interpretation

book 2: living dead in dallas, isbn: 9780575089389

Lafayette is killed off early, and the most of season 2 is based on this book.  Again tv seems to have turned this into a ensemble piece and made it better.

2/5 bananas.

book 3: Club Dead

The end of season 2 (my blog) on tv and alcide is introduced so this is where season will probably start from.  Fast paced and enjoyable as misunderstandings compound and compound again. Again no v

4/5 bananas

book 4: dead to the world, isbn 9780575089426

This book introduces the drainers and ‘v’ seen from season 1 on tv, bill takes another backseat and Eric without memories keeps thing fresh and with the added combination of another two boyfriends keeps a humorous tension going.

The brother finally develops skills too.

5/5 bananas

book 5: dead as a doornail, isbn:9789575091054

We get a drainer, much murder and mayhem in the shifter community and other stuff keeps thing busy and not getting boring – fun.

3/5 bananas

book 6: Definety Dead, isbn: 9780575091047

Usual mayhem and carnage, the Pelt story wraps up, and a war and new orleans means its a fun read

5/5 bananas

book 7: All together dead  (2007), and the remainder have not been read since i cannot get them

Season 3 of True Blood starts up again in the summer, it should be interesting to see what stays and goes.  I agree that Katie Sachoff (starbuck) can do better than the breif bits of Debbie Pelt, and it would appear that Lafayette is endowned with fairy powers which is a another large diversion from the books.  No sign of Elvis either.

The electric church, digital plagues and eternal prisions, Jeff Somers

isbn: 9781841498966, isbn: 9781841498973 is probably one manuscript divided up into the tried and trusted books in threes sell rather then one being publishing company ‘logic’.

Saint Steve Jobs

It is the future and things are good for a few, the rest are uneducated, unhealthly poor and redundant since robots do all the jobs.  However salvation is at hand with a steve jobs type person with a religion which takes a brain and puts it inside a robot which then preaches the joy of being an ipod.

ipod of the future

But cyberman and his many unwilling ipod’s and the rulers notice they have problem and hire an old 27 year ‘old’ hit man to bring down his church of ipods.

Its doctor who but with bullets. For the electric church i give 3/5 bananas.

On too digital plagues and unfortunately our hero is also special in some dna form that means theres plentyof destruction and this seemed too formulamatic to me.  I did not finish it 0/5 bananas.

Im not planning on reading the third.  However ‘visual’ the book might be the message is in there that Steve Jobs is not good for you.