Down the bsd rabbit hole…

not your average bsd developer image.

Bsd interests me, it has fake roots, and i see on slashdot that a new release is out 7.3 – only£32 for a dvd (seemed pricey).  I look to torrent it like i do with the linux distros, and find a release 8.0 out there too – im confused and then read that some bsd is more ‘scripted’* than others.

I then read that the cd cannot install, or can the live cd, ok i need a dvd and that means doctors and nurses on a pc, as it appears networks and stuff like infrastructure for linux is not there.

I might be wrong but i keep running into road blocks with bsd.   Mind you i do like Debian, but it appears that getting into bsd is pricey for the newbie to it assuming that is i adopt it.

* guided

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