‘Unlimited plans’ and 3g one huge reason to hate iphone users.

If you have being paying attention recently you will have noticed that whomever gets the iphone sim card deal  then a year or so later said  3g’s network is crap and requires investment that some retarded ceo does not want to spend after all a new ferrari for him is better no?


I speak as a non apple owning person and find it midly amusing that it also comes with a crap network a bit of time down the line double pownage.

Anyhow I was looking at some of our download stats  and the thought crossed our mind that a 3g mobile broadband plan might be an option.  Its not that simple as you need a $120 us better usb dongle thing so it was put on the backburner.

Then o2 in europe and at&t removed the unlimited data plans options to if understand rightly to 1gb a month which then meant no money to them, and that ideal was scrapped.  Amusingly o2 in europe use a hell of a lot of flash on there website – the fact that iphone users cannot use it some a level of irony so roll on html 5.

Caps on internet use on 3g are not good for iphone users and will probably retard this market for everyone even those with andriod, i don’t want apple but the suckers whom have them will pay dearly for it.   Good.  Oh Sally still offers her help for the iphone retarded.