Freedom 0, Murdoch 1 (blakes 7)

crap security still exists in the future

Blakes 7, hails from the 1970’s bbc wonky set s/f period.  The usual suspects are in it including the VERY LOUD Brian Blessed*, and it was written by the bloke who invented the Darleks.

Oddly the bbc made four series of it, which meant that most of the original cast ‘died’ because they got bored of it, should you read the episode list many of the plots do sound rehashed.

Its been described as robin hood v the evil federation/king with some overdressed fashion victims and despite future health care advancements some of the badies  wear pirate eye patches.  That does not compute.

The script dialogue is pretty awful too, and some opportunist was trying to get Rupert Murdoch to make it however the the evil mind controller has said no to it being that it resembles him and his media empire pretty closely.


However its not all bad – it is dystopia, and it accurately predicted that people in power would use child abuse/sex crimes to bend elections which has happened (my blog).

It is no star trek with happy dancing hippies, with mention of mind control, drugged food. theres an amazing amount of set reuse and iffy effects, and I also get to bash Rupert Murdoch.

What more do you need ? the inference in there for you all to see.

* 1970’s s/f always has him doing something spaceish

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