Backing the bid?

The Japanese and America have it not the uk - horrid leotard

So whats wrong with sport/Olympics and that stuff?

I hate sport for it proves that thugs/crooks and nazi ideals can all work together. England gets the olympics along with the debt for a two week event next.

So how do you encourage people that sport is ‘good’.  Simple you have tv programes on that theme.  I know that both the Japanese and Americans do this with gymnastics which always seemed a bit silly to us apes in the zoo .

In ‘make it or break it’ ( cbs family tv series) you have all the aspects i describe along with a little tiny criticism of the ‘sport’ and how it is funded.

There be

  • Rich Americans driving hummers (tanks)
  • Evil lawyers
  • Somebody with a iffy past that the evil one knows of and controls how the sporting place works through both money and the threat.
  • Class warfare
  • Attempted murder
  • Dodgy dealings with sponsors who make fatty foods

Thats just the first episode , the others have a theme of very strong morality i read from the synopses – Its a little like the parody in this (my blog). So heres the point as i have made my justifications as to why sport is evil.  Where is the the bbc version of make it or break it ? you know to ‘be sporty something’.

I am quite sure that things end happily ever after in the tv series with either Japanese / American wining a fake gold watch and overcoming adversity rather than some Chinese person who is well injected with drugs is half the age of the other people competing which apparently is just fine.

The irony is the sporting types dont get the irony.  It seems few do.