the one hundred and twenty days of sodom,Marquis de Sade

Isbn 0099629607 means you have to get to page 263  for the tale to start.  You have to endure the publishing trade’s padding and literary analysis* which since you probably have heard of the book and its author but  as you have not read it means it can be safely ignored until the end.

It is an interesting text but then an interesting life was had at times flowery, later rewrites move into pyscho zone – it makes say Bret Easton Ellis  book american psycho seem tame, a variant on the 1984 rat torture is in here – the Marquises version  is  more chilling.

Perhaps what is most interesting is the characters including a catholic bishop who enjoy karnal pleasures – its not really surprising that the author and his imagination are known of but suppressed.  In light of recent catholic church scandals (my blog) perhaps the world of the 1790s is not much different than today. Galileo’s daughter wrote to him about men of the church with erect things in her convent.

Don’t judge – go and read it yourself. Most of this book is ‘fantasy’**, but then perhaps it is non fiction? as well.  An important book I think.

* groan ** another trap for the morality loons is a certain book by Vladimir Nabokov whom see only the ‘dirty bits’ but not the plot which changes the dirty bits into something else.