profiting from crime

During an electrical  powercut here at the zoo and having nothing to do except bbq the coffee to boil water in a moment of pure desperation we even read the junk mail that post office insists on delivering to us at the monkey house`.  We don’t blame to postman but the retarded management for turning him into a leaflet distributor.

What normally should happen is that it gets recycled unread – but the lure of the staples direct catalogue of featured office products caught our eye.

Some observations.

  • certain items are featured more than once (snap)
  • prices where tip top (high)
  • Stamp buying is a lot easier than before (still pricey)
  • Anybody who buys from Staples is a retard

Have you played the overpriced ink game?

Being ‘that’ bored, it was then time for the game ‘how much much is the hp ink overpriced’ game. This is a fun game where you remember how much you paid for cheap non hp ink and then compare the price for the new* cartridges.  Some of the older apes nearly fell off the monkey swing when I told them it was double the price before you add vat and postage and stuff.

After laughing at the older apes…. The moral of being bored in a powercut – is that you should never employ anybody who buys things from staples.  The staples direct catalog was then deposited in the recycle box where it will hopefully be reincarnated as something more evil say perhaps Jehovah witness crackpot stuff next time.

* new often includes bit of old manufactured ink cartridges returned to them.

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