Suicide hp ink jet cartridges – ethical?

Have you played the overpriced ink game?

Actually it went bang twice. The first was when we emptied a newer design (eg still hard to buy in a shop) hp inkjet cartridge from new as supplied by hp with a new printer.  Apparently a fuse goes which tries to prevent refills by nuking the ink level monitor.

The second bang is when the metal connector bits died two months after refilling the same empty cartridge for the first time.

So we bought hp original as [we had not much choice in the matter] and on the same day the ceo of hp resigned over ethics issues [nsfw]. The prices differed though from  sterling 15 – to 30.  I don’t usually get the opportunity to buy hp stuff since the refills usually work and i gave up buying new some years ago when hp put a wrong sized but same shape as a 45 inkjet refill in the box that said 45 and found it did not fit and the printer did not like the ‘right’ component.

Both the retailer and hp have suffered for ten years for that buying mistake by us not buying from them .  Perhaps it is time to look at non hp printers with decent cups support next time if this is what is to be expected.