a ‘rupert murdoch’ bestseller or book review is meaningless in the world of paywalls.

I am (or was) reading a newly published  paperback which proclaimed


Which raises the question is it? and can I verify that ? The short answer is no, unless i pay a billionaire to check it.

Book publishers it appears should be advised that certain ‘facts’ are now unreliable, thus making claims like that meaningless.  It is a library book but somehow I now distrust a list that I don’t know anything about.

Yes i could research it – but why should I after all with the bias and carelessness detailed here.

Reviews are also fine to a point – i have no problem with a review of a book from say the ‘antarctic polar bear monthly’* but it would seem that if content goes behind a paywall then its relevance to the publisher is also diminished.

* joke

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