Heroes and Demons in education.

The troll / non de plume can be attacked by both sides and don’t you all hate the books by Currer Bell. This helps me to illustrate the rights and wrongs by pointing you to my blogs i read to the right of you. Some of those people have jobs, and others have lost them for there views.  As your all apparently intelligent you can go figure it out.

Ok did you do that ? jolly good! do tell in comments.

Anyhow lets do edukation*. A purview of the left is the state school of which the right don’t do being as there not good enough.  We can all agree that there be good  and bad schools.

The left will argue that there are no bad schools, funny is it not that royals still go to Eton.  The dogma says ‘perfection’, the right and those whom can pay ignore it and do there own stuff.

John 2jags prescott innitBest said by John Prescott of that left direction:

If you set up a school and it becomes a good school, the great danger is that everyone wants to go there

18th December 2005,Sunday Telegraph

mr s from kes a class example of the role model for pe teachers

So how do those on the left, or people whom teach (my blog) criticise that state school ? and get away with it.

This is where the magic begins.  Unfortunately  for the muggles Harry Potter type sports are not played.

You start with nom de plume or sock puppet say ‘Currer Bell’, and a blog.  Lucky bloggers will get picked by a left based publishing house and bang you have a book with an isbn and you keep your job.

That’s Mr Chalk for those of you dumb enough to realise there’s two books being reviewed here.  The other way is to infuriate the left and Angela Mason is also a notable name here for the television exposure, after all its fiction msm news isn’t  is it.

However  lets start with Katherine Birbalsingh book isbn: 9780670918997 as it arrived first from my library, it was apparently featured on bbc radio four if you dont do books.

The sin of all sins in edukation is speaking out at the ‘rights’ conference about how fucked up edukation is,  who is the diversity [read inspector gadget] points winner  being a half caste (eg an ideal public sector employee) who finds out that she is now unemployable despite being the right everything else [although Oxbridge probably is hated by the left and might be deemed a minus point] and she alone caused a school to ‘close’.

Another wrong for Mrs B is the wrong publisher which drives a big wedge for her and the left.  With all done about publishers/politics and diversity points i can now review the book which at under 300 pages tells the story of a year and her book is blogish in nature which tells the tale of  Furious and his special mental reasoning.

Furious another nom be plume is an adopted black child who wants to be a footballer, and has a chip on his head larger than anybody else’s. Life revolves around his chaos in school and out of it which naturally isn’t his fault for being black,having black history month (and at times sounding a bit like ed burns in the corner***) and stealing mobile phones something ok because of the racism**** that even the black teachers dish out.

Its not all one person based, the children/pupils/insert customer name mantra are all not that stupid and that’s when evil ofstead,results and liberal ideas all clash.  Labours revolving gcse door (keep taking the easiest exam until you get a c) and its low expectations are laid bare so no wonder the left hate her.

The amusing thing is that Birbalsingh is a model teacher for the left who would accuse Oxbridge of being anti them or something, being that she went to such an place and choose to teach rather than say be a banker, and spoke at teacher retraining events for said bankers seems to point to odd double standards in the left you wonder who would be a ideal teacher according to them (my blog).

All in all worth the read for to miss with love 5/5 bananas.

Mr Chalks book on the other hand… isbn:0955285402 is revered with the right publisher, no speaking to the wrong side, and a non de plume intact and is now apparently retired as well.  So lets go review it’s your time you’re wasting.

Slightly shorter at 260 pages and it quotes John Prescott and is much like To miss with love and takes a snapshot of a schools life, than the oddities of the special people and is in comparison quite funny.  Chalk whomever he is a supply teacher and as such sees life and turns up for work.

The book is evil in its humour and put downs are something else.  Since it does only a little of the to miss with love book i give it 3/5 bananas (weighed for the left as they like him)

*humour  – Charlotte Brontë’s non de plume, *** a book that became this **** Who was then shipped to Nigeria for edukating*, apparently even black teachers can be racist too

NHS still full of nu-labour management crap

We have a volunteer here at London Zoo who also helps the NHS in ‘back office’ for free.

The nhs just sent them a form asking again if they where the ideal

  1. ethnic minority
  2. homosexual
  3. be of the wrong caste

That would make the nhs non racist or something,  after all these facts might just have changed in the last year.  The good news is that this done by a person who is paid and does not volunteer for free.

Clearly somebody is due for the sack but strangely will keep there job.

autotrader in trouble ?

Autotrader sounds the perfect place to sell a car, granted we did not sell at a popular time [winter], and got some good blog entries out of it (my blog) but my expereince of the site showed it was capable I doubt many web savvy people narrow down between private and trade.

I see they are advertising on tv again for real user content rather than only browsers, and the document they use to suggest how to sell your car quotes 1998 figures.  My concern is the magazine really for private buyers, or just for the car trade to sell to private buyers?

We made the mistake once of trying to sell via autotrader and i think autotrader is resting on its reputation and is not really being a good place to sell a working car after all when you have to advertise for user content clearly there’s a problem.

British Telecom spam

So where does BT.plc (or british india) the people with the phone network for gchq send its spam – that yes i  unsubscribed from a long time ago come from.

postmaster@ibc.com.au, postmaster@destra.com

Australia is the answer.  Clearly not England, those fuckers really should go an rename themselves not here Telelcom/Offshored telecom? The United Kingdon is no place for British Telecom.

Mull – clearly if bt don’t think much the internet in england then why should i buy its sub-par services that apparently the Australians do better (even with Stephen Conroy).   Follow BT i do, and not become a client of there’s i think.

second hand government cars

The zoos latest car is governmental cast off it had 12,000 miles on the clock or thirteen months old before ending up in the used car statistics.  It is a nice car, mostly roadworthy bar a bald spare tyre and naturally not english in manufacture.

Since cars depreciate at horrible rate from new the car is actually a bargain and has had some care while being a stock item.  The car was not bought on the fact it was a state car as no history could be found by the firm selling it.

It however fits the requirements.

However you start to wonder at government logic in saving money – I assume this is an example of wasteful spending was under gorden brown (my blog).  Apart from a couple of iffy car tyre’s its a great car.

Protesting about Libraries?

Them Libyans know a few things about killing police women, selling arms or giving them to the irish fro free, allegedly blowing up airliners [my blog] over Scotland and oddly the sad state of there public libraries seems to have brought them to the edge.

Harry Potter or else

Its a strange world, UK Librarians go east your needed after all take a bulletproof vest (available by phoning 020 7230 1212) and parachute just in case though.

doom disaster,running out of journalists, and the msm

it went boom – according to the informed journalists when actually no it did not.  Clue a mad dash to find a mad science boffin to explain that something else when boom rather than the source.

Omg ponies

Then the media irritate science guy with retarded questions. MSM fail, then like there’s a shortage of reporters as that revolution in progress elsewhere is not doing much for the ratings and Rupert Murdochs wallet then gets going again.

Clearly since it did not go boom, and Japan still exists and still no monsters have appeared  they then idiotically pile into that story again being experts in revolutions too who all speak Japanese and who build nuclear power plants in there spare time while reporting about some Hollywood star and the issues of inconsequential.

Meanwhile the semantics of any of this do they matter.  No.

Grace After Midnight,Felica Pearson

isbn: 9780446195195 comes with a ghost writer/editor and i would not have read this book if for Ms Pearson had not made the news recently.

Ms Pearson was the nail gun gangster in the wire (my blog) and this is her memoir  which is short at 233 pages and certainly not flowery in its writing style.

It is an worthwhile read set in reality and much has happened to her, she appears honest and frank too.  Should you have enjoyed the wire, or want to know why the war on drugs is being lost you know where to look.

5/5 bananas.