Luviedom loves success, but would rather not pay for it.

Im not dead yet but i can whine

The Kings Speech (my blog) is a notable film, those to the left who complain that the film about Ford’s Daganham plant got censored too for rude words being rude might have a point that royal naughties are ok, working class are not.  The americans being a censored lot will just get a b***p sound, praise be to jesus*.

The problem with the Kings Speech is its success, for every known artistic person has been in england is now saying they did it and made it. Notice how success turns has beens into slaves since none of them rich arty types could be bothered to put money into the film as a going concern.  Yes the Lottery funded it instead.

So next time you hear someone a has been who might have filmed Lawrence of Arabia** in the dim and distant past saying ‘if only’ do please remember that for all of that none of these professionals thought the film would be worth investing in, but  take away some taxpayer funded committee which did didly squat then the angry luvies come out of the woodwork.


* humour – nobody says naughty words do they. ** filmed in 1962

6 responses

  1. The final product (film) is more important then the politics of film production. Discuss.

    The King’s Speech was a good film, but my preference was for Black Swan.

  2. Politics is a lesser issue yes but if say ‘the lottery’ was important to getting it made there are two problems – one could accuse many of being averse to making films unless it gets money with no strings attached.

    Workers rather than Shareholder.

    I have yet to see BS.

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